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As the world is getting accustomed to advancing technology, E-Global Soft Solutions is offering optimal use of its one aspect. We offer email backup services for clients who are busy and are unable to invest their time and resources on a phone call. With increasing workload and opportunities on the market, you want to make optimal use of it. You can send us an email and receive all the information relating to your problems and product queries.

email support services
We showcase our business ideas and logics effectively on our website and blogs, but you may not want to invest your resources in browsing through the web pages. We at E-Global Soft Solutions understand it, so we offer esteemed email chat services to our clients and possible customers.

Our Email Backup Services

We offer several aspects of esteemed backup email services such as:

backup email services

Keeping Track of Every Customer Inquiry

With our dynamic email backup services, we can keep track of several customer inquiries at once. We can categorize them accordingly and evaluate to provide needed solutions. It helps us in saving up essential resources which we can utilize somewhere else. This speeds up other processes resulting in your time being saved as well. Your query will not get lost amidst the hoard of queries we get daily with our maintained email backup system.

Automated Responses

In case, your query is a common issue faced by many users every day; then you do not even have to wait a minute as our automated response system will help you out. Our automated response app recognizes several commonly faced issues and has in-built solutions for them. It can help in significant time saving for you, while saving major resources for us. The solution offered by the app might even solve the issue entirely for you. In case it does not resolve your problem, it will redirect you to us, and we will help you out.

Automated Responses
Quick Responses

Quick Responses

By designating your queries to separate departments, we are able to respond to them quickly. You can attach files like a word document or even screenshot to describe your issue correctly. You do not have to browse through our website or terms of conditions as we can send you the attachments for it, hence saving time for the both of us. With this step, we establish an even better connection with our clients, and our bond gets stronger. It is our foremost attempt at E-Global Soft Solutions to keep our promises and help our clients out, whenever the need be.


You can attach several types of files to explain your query ranging from docs to PDFs. This handy feature helps you explain your issues in an even better way. After our team comprehends your issue, they will come up with a quick response. You do not have to wait long for them to reach you as we aim to help you out as quickly as possible. Your query will be explained in detail, and you will be provided an easy-to-implement solution for your issues. Take advantage of our email backup services when the need arises.

Send us an email at any time of the day. We will reach you as soon as possible and provide an instant solution for you. Contact E-Global Soft Solutions to get the best of our email backup services.
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