The fitness industry is a very broad term that comprises everything related to our physical and mental fitness and well-being. Fitness includes healthy diets and maintaining good health with the help of fitness centers, sports, yoga, and other related physical activity centers. When we talk about the fitness industry in our context, we mean everything that we mentioned above and not things like running and other exercises that you do on your own to maintain your good health as although that is related to your fitness, that doesn’t add up in the fitness industry as you don’t contribute in the finances of the fitness industry.

The fitness industry has seen a very rapid climb in the last few years, with people getting more educated and concerned about their fitness. If we talk about the revenue growth of the fitness industry, then the industry is growing at 8.7% annually. Global health and fitness clubs globally are around $96.7 billion in 2019, as per the data shared by Statista. If we talk about the number of health and fitness clubs worldwide, they are more than 2,01,000, with more than 174 million members.

Recent Growth

If we talk about the fitness industry’s market size in the last 10 years, then the growth in revenue has been very promising. If we talk about the fitness industry’s revenue in 2009, it was worth $67.19 billion, which showed very consistent growth and was worth $84.3 billion in 2014. You can see that right after that, the industry faced some slowdown, and the growth became negative for the next two years. But soon after that it recovered very well and started showing positive results and reached worth &96.7 billion in 2019. If we talk about the rate of growth, then the first five years of the decade were far better than the latter half, but overall growth was very promising to the people who are already established in the industry or for those who are looking to make a career in the industry.


When we talk about the challenges of the fitness industry, then we do not need to look far behind as in 2020 only, the fitness industry was also among the industries which faced very tough times due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Especially, the health and fitness clubs suffered huge losses starting early in the year because of the lockdowns and restrictions by the government. Many big fitness chains went bankrupt, and if we talk about the small and local gyms and fitness centers, then they had a very big fight for survival during lockdowns and restrictions.

If we talk about the United States only then the fitness industry, there lost $13.9 billion from the mid of March to 31st of August, 2020. More than 38,000 gyms are already closed due to the virus by the end of May 2020 in the US. It is predicted that about 25% of the gyms in the United States will not be able to survive and close permanently by the end of 2020. It is still a big surprise for people as the big gym chains like Gold’s Gym, CYC Fitness, Flywheel Sports, 24 Hour Fitness filed for bankruptcy after the outbreak of coronavirus.

These are some of the challenges that were created by restrictions and lockdowns of Covid in the last year only, but they are not the only challenges in front of the fitness industry. Although the restrictions are being lifted, that does not mean that the challenges are over. The fitness industry has been transformed very fast due to Covid, and it is not going to change in the future.

We have seen a boom in the digitalization of every single industry in the covid times, and the fitness industry has not been an exception. The online fitness industry was growing very fast even during the pre-covid era, and the restrictions during lockdowns made the shift from physical fitness centers to online fitness centers even faster.

The shift happened so fast that it became very tough for the existing physical fitness centers to keep up with speed, and many of them are falling behind. Whether large gym chains or the small fitness centers that serve a localized area, it has been very tough to stay profitable. Being profitable is a very distant story; for many, the survival of their business is the biggest issue in front of them.


The fitness industry is a sunrise industry, and we can see consistent growth in the industry every year, which proves that it is not a bad idea to join this industry or to continue in the industry. The maximum challenges that people in the business industry face today are caused because they lack on the technology front, and they are not upgrading them with time.

The presence of your business on the web is a necessity these days than a luxury. You must be available on the internet if you want to keep growing irrespective of the transformation that is happening with time. This way, you will be able to take advantage of the revolution on the internet rather than crying about the damages caused to the offline industry.

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