Utilizing the complete potential of a platform for enhanced user experience

Native apps are apps developed specifically for a single platform to take full advantage of the platform features like Android or iOS. To be precise, native apps are designed to work and perform much faster by harnessing the processor's or the CPU's power. Sometimes, they can also take advantage of specific hardware of the smartphone, like the GPS. Native Apps can be installed directly onto the smartphone, and most of the time, they can work without an internet connection. These apps can be downloaded through an app store like Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Some special apps can control devices by using the smartphone as a remote or a controller, and they can include the gestures of the phone.

There are many advantages of native apps that are not present in hybrid or web apps. They are much better in performance; they are developed using the core languages of the platform. They can utilize the platform's full potential, encounter fewer bugs, and are more secure than other apps. The native apps are also better in data handling and data protection. That is why it is crucial to develop native apps with better precision to take complete advantage of the operating system.

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Native apps you can Rely On

e-Global Soft Solutions takes pride in creating completely customized enterprise native apps. We have a team of veteran and IT specialists who specialize in native app building. We understand that an app that doesn't function well or is not optimized to the OS or the platform can cause many problems to the user. We develop apps that take full advantage of the platform no matter what platform it is being developed for and offer a better user experience. Developing native apps can be quite challenging if the developer is not well-versed with cross-platform applications or knows the different platforms or devices.

At e-Global Soft Solutions, our developers and engineers have worked with all the major platforms to develop complete enterprise solutions. They know about all the major devices and their core languages and deliver some of the best optimized native applications. Before working on a new project, we go through our tested and tried methods – pre-design, design, development, and support. We make sure that the app is as it should be at every phase, and the final product comes out as the client had wanted. Before delivering a project, it goes through our senior developers' keen and critical eye and then to our expert software testing team. We deliver a complete product keeping the end-users in focus.