Best Cross Platform Integration For Optimum Performance.

e-Global Soft Solutions is a premiere Information Technology company where we provide world-class app and web development solutions. We help local or global brands with their digital products, be it single or multi-platform app development, website development, or other digital products. We develop apps be it native, web, or hybrid. Out of the three, hybrid apps require knowledge of multiple platforms and operating (OS). The developer must have a thorough understanding of the revel systems and programming languages to work on the app. Undoubtedly, making hybrid apps is a tough nut to crack, but e-Global Soft Solutions has a team of well-versed specialists for the tough tasks. Hybrid apps are the applications that can work on multiple platforms and in the present era it should work on both, Android OS and iOS in particular.

Hybrid apps might not have as good of a function as native apps because they are not made exactly for a single platform. If not developed and optimized correctly, they can give the user a very jittery and laggy experience, making using the app a pain. When developing these apps, the developer must have full control and command over the languages, the tools, and the platforms they are working with, else the task might fail, and the app might crash.

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Multi-platform App Development

At e-Global Soft Solutions, we use the power of the latest tools and frameworks, mobile technologies, and app development to develop cross-platform apps that can run on multiple platforms. We make sure to optimize the developed applications so that they can run smoothly on the various platforms and OS they are being developed for and give the user a lag-free experience and optimum performance. As a web and app development company, we combine the best tools and technologies of the web and native applications and languages to develop a high functioning, high-performance cross-platform application that acts and behaves like a native app, whether it is on Android or iOS mobile platforms.

e-Global Soft Solutions offers a feature-rich and high-performance cross-platform application developed using various frameworks like Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, etc. e-Global Soft Solutions provides application services like app upgrade, bug fixing, better security, app maintenance, to name a few. Using our hybrid app, we guarantee a native-app-like experience on Android, iOS, or Windows devices. Our team of expert app developers knows how to pick the right cross-platform framework to develop the perfect hybrid app that can run on iOS and Android smoothly.