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4 Ways Twitter Ads Are Perfect to Grow Your Small Business

In this digital era, Twitter can be an excellent marketing channel to drive traffic and generate leads.

As a matter of fact, a good majority of Twitter users follow their favorite small businesses online. Even the big brands like Google and Amazon have official Twitter accounts and boast a massive following on the platform.

Undeniably, Twitter is a popular communication channel for millions of internet users worldwide, ranging from the most famous people like celebrities to the most influential people like presidents.

However, it can be really easy for your organic post to get buried deep somewhere in this ocean of posts considering the millions of tweets sent out daily.

However, this may come as a surprise, but this is also one of the reasons Twitter Ads can be extremely beneficial and powerful for small businesses.

When it comes to building brand awareness, the sheer volume of information present on the platform can benefit small businesses.

Investing in Twitter Ads can remarkably work in your business’ favor, provided that you are deploying the right techniques.

In fact, digital marketing agencies have actually helped their clients gain new followers for just a couple of cents, and well, generating new leads for an amount as tiny as that is a good investment.

This goes without saying; Twitter Ads present your brand with the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of people who fall within your target audience.

Reaching these qualified groups of audiences actually provides your company with direct access to your prospects, which means more traffic and leads will be acquired, ultimately leading to more conversions for your business. 

This blog covers four ways that make Twitter Ads ideal for your small business and how you can leverage it to increase your brand exposure and foster business growth.

So, let’s dive in!

Why Twitter Ads?

In case you aren’t still utilizing Twitter, then it may be the time for you to get on board now and leverage this incredible platform. But this doesn’t imply just being present on the platform and sending out a few tweets every day.

Remember, tweeting and running ads are not the same. There’s a vast difference between the two, which is clearly reflected in the different results they yield individually.

Simply put, we are talking about advertising on this platform using Twitter Ads in particular. By that, we mean Twitter Ads can easily be a feasible marketing and advertising channel for many small businesses.

However, there’s no running away from the fact that Twitter is not as effective as other, more popular marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

But again, this doesn’t mean they aren’t worth or capable of yielding striking results.

And if truth be told, Twitter ads, in reality, offer a range of unique ad targeting features that these other platforms don’t offer to the advertisers.

This is the reason why we think investing in Twitter Ads can do wonders for your small business and prove to be a smart investment.

But that’s not it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous ways in which Twitter Ads can work in favor of your small business.

Having said that, it’s time to now dive into the reasons why businesses should start using Twitter Ads right away.

Objective-Based Campaign and Pricing

When you run ads on Twitter, you only have to pay when your marketing objective is achieved.

This can significantly impact your overall marketing budget and make your overall ad spend even more effective.

On the other hand, you might have to pay the other marketing channels for running your ads whether you get the desired results or not. And therefore, here, you would end up paying for an ad that didn’t yield you any results, let alone meet your objectives.

For example, if you are running Twitter ads to drive more traffic to your website or acquire more followers on the platform, you will only pay when users visit your site or follow your Twitter account.

Similarly, if you are running an ad intending to get more people to install your app, then you will only have to pay when users install your app on their device successfully.

Therefore, with Twitter’s objective-based pricing model, advertisers can make sure that they only pay for the results that actually impact your overall marketing objectives.

Now, this, of course, puts the advertisers in a win-win situation because, frankly speaking, Twitter doesn’t mind taking up a bit of risk.

This instantly makes Twitter Ads a more appealing option but remember it will still be your responsibility to ensure that you reach the ideal audience that will convert.

Or else your ads won’t be as successful, and you will be primarily just exhausting your advertising budget uselessly, which you would certainly want to avoid no matter what.

Keyword Targeting

The next great feature of Twitter Ads is its exceptional keyword targeting.

And this is probably what makes Twitter so unique from the rest of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

For instance, Facebook lets you target specific groups of audiences but not specific keywords. This precision on Twitter lets brands cut through the noise and get even closer to their target audiences.

It allows the advertisers to target the users who have used a particular term or hashtag in their tweets within the last week. And taking this game to the ultimate next level, Twitter allows you even to target users who have interacted with tweets that include specific terms in the past week.

For example, let’s assume you run a local coffee shop, and you want to target coffee lovers.

Theoretically, you can simply run a Twitter ad that is only displayed to users who have mentioned or interacted with keywords such as coffee, cappuccino, etc.

You could even narrow down your targeting to your particular area code or radius.

Now with Facebook ads, you don’t get all these options. On Facebook Ads manager, you can’t target your ads by keywords, and the primary targeting options are based on behaviors and interests only.

Therefore, your audience there isn’t as narrow as it is on Twitter.

But this isn’t a strike on Facebook because when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook still has the most robust advertising platform.

There is just a noticeable difference in how they have established their ad targeting.

On the contrary, instead of playing the two platforms against one another, you can deploy them in a combination to produce better results since they both work in different ways.

That being said, let’s now move on to the next fantastic feature that makes Twitter Ads so unique.

Tweet Engagement Targeting

This is yet another feature that makes Twitter Ads stand out from the crowd.

Google Ads offers you the retargeting option. If you are a regular internet user, perhaps you must have noticed an ad popping up from a website you recently visited showcasing the same product you were checking out that time.

That’s exactly how it works on Twitter, too, and none of the other social media networks enable you to do this.

Basically, with tweet engagement targeting, you can remarket to those users who have recently viewed or interacted with any of your tweets.

Studies suggest that customers tend to engage more with brands they see often. While this is closely connected with ad recall, it is relatively easy to stay more engaged with brands you bump into more frequently.

This can be a precious tool for dedicated advertisers as once they have successfully developed enough engagement on their tweets, they can target users who will genuinely be interested in engaging with their content again.

In a nutshell, here, you will start moving potential customers through your marketing funnel by staying in their sight.

This improves the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and helps you generate more conversions at a faster pace.

As stated in this blog earlier, millions of tweets are sent out every single day; thus, having this option helps ensure that your tweets are not lost in this deep ocean of posts.

Once users have come across your brand enough times and have become entirely familiar with you and your offerings, they develop a liking for your company or find you credible; it becomes easier to persuade them to take the desired action.

Whether it is to subscribe to your newsletter, visit your website, or if you get it right, even purchase one of your products.

That being said, it’s time to take a look at the fourth and the last unique feature that makes Twitter Ads worth considering.

Low Cost-Per-Click

We understand that being a small business owner, you would clearly want to know the costs before jumping to any conclusion. And well, after going through all those appealing features that come with Twitter Ads, you might be thinking that they must be costly.

But this may come as a surprise to you – Twitter ads have a low CPC in reality.

Some businesses can even generate good results for literally a few cents. The CPC is almost 5 to 10 times less than the average CPC you see on Facebook ads.

And well, that’s probably because the competition on Twitter is much less than Facebook.

Most social media platforms determine the pricing based on an auction. So technically, it has got everything to do with how much and for what people are willing to pay. 

Hence, we guess the majority of people are willing to pay for clicks or conversions on Facebook compared to Twitter.

Because bear in mind, at the end of the day, Twitter is really a very loud place, and having a huge following there does not mean you are reaching them daily.

But the CPC could be low-priced because, in comparison to Facebook, there are relatively fewer users on Twitter and, thus, fewer advertisers.

However, we expect this cost to only increase with time as more and more people start realizing the true potential of Twitter ads – just like most ad costs continue to increase on most marketing platforms.

Therefore, in short, with Twitter Ads, not only do advertisers only have to pay for the clicks they acquire, but the cost-per-click is also way too cheaper compared to other platforms.

So ultimately, simply put, in order to produce excellent results, you must be ready to spend money on your ads.

But if you are not here for paid ads and looking for something more organic, you can do that too.

Strategies like SEO and content marketing are generally deployed to generate organic results, and these actually work wonders for small businesses on a tight budget who want to build more brand awareness.

With these strategies, brands use engaging and useful content to connect with their target audience and establish trustworthy relationships. Ultimately, this helps the brand position itself as an authentic industry leader.

Eventually, such companies get rewarded with long-term customer relationships or what we call “customer loyalty” in the marketing world.

Whichever path you choose to go down will depend on the individual needs, overall marketing budget, and target audience of your brand. So that’s really up to you because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes down to this.


To wrap up, Twitter Ads can be an excellent place to market your brand.

There are an array of possibilities that come with this platform, and if you’re an innovative marketer, you could indeed leverage Twitter to achieve your marketing goals.

Several big companies use Twitter to increase their brand visibility and establish real connections with their audience, and this approach has proven to work time after time.

However, the only drawback we can really see here is that with Twitter Ads, you can only reach the people who are on Twitter, and it is a relatively smaller audience compared to other popular social media platforms like Facebook.

But you can still find a niche audience that works for your brand and extract great returns, and once you get this right, you will see for yourself the true hidden power of Twitter Ads.

Moreover, you can get a lot more from your niche audience on Twitter than on any other platform.

But as we said earlier, you don’t need to reject all the other platforms and cling to Twitter only.

Instead, you can utilize Twitter as a ground to start building your audience and then, over time, invest in other platforms to expand your reach. This will provide your brand with the opportunity to reach the right audience no matter on which platform they are.

With all this information at your disposal, we hope you have realized just how powerful Twitter Ads are. So start building engaging ads for your brand right away to grow your small business and take it to new heights. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on an opportunity as incredible as this because there is an audience waiting for you to tap into.