Good News For The Creators on YouTube

YouTube has rolled out its update on YouTube analytics which helps creators analyze their channel progress in depth. These updates are going to help creators in:

-Improving their content

-Weigh their performance

-Get an understanding of their audience

-Get insights into their revenue and posts.

Know more about these updates:

Members insights:

YouTube has rolled out an update on getting membership insights which have addressed creator’s questions like 

  • How do memberships evolve over time? 
  • Which videos helped win or lose more members than usual?
  • Does it help to remind my audience to become paying members?

With this update, now creators get the data of total and active members over a chosen time period. These statistics are of paying members via Channel Memberships.

Creators can get insights on the impact of their uploads on member count and can also get data on total, active, gained, and lost members over time. All these numbers will help creators in getting a better understanding of their efforts.

YouTube Studio Mobile app:

In the YouTube Studio mobile app, two cards have been added to the Audience tab, ‘other channels your audience watches‘ and ‘other videos your audience watches’ cards. Earlier, these cards were only available for the desktop version. With this new feature in YouTube analytics on mobile, creators can now analyze their member’s interests on the go. Creators get the list of 15 videos that their members watch.

Video Performance:

Instead of just getting stats and graphs, now channel managers will also find an explanation on the data of their video performance.

This explanation will help creators get more clarity and context that will help in managing their content.

Insights on Revenue Change

YouTube has decided to be transparent about the impact of the shift in audience’s location on the revenue.

YouTube explains, “If revenue is going up, or down, because of the fact that the audience has shifted to a higher or lower CPM country, we’re calling this out.”

This transparency will help creators understand the reason for fluctuation in their revenue.

This insight will be available on both mobile and desktop.

And lastly, to encourage engagement with members, YouTube has added a card on the channel’s engagement tab that reflects votes and likes on the channel’s top posts over the last 28 days.

These updates are meant to give more control of the channel to their creators. The optimum use of these updates would help in mapping out a content strategy that improves performance.