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Everything You Need to Know About the Instagram “Copyright Infringement” Scam

During the last couple of weeks, many people (which includes celebrities) have fallen prey to a scam called “Instagram Copyright Infringement.” The fraudsters have been impersonating Instagram Help Centre officials and getting their hands on personal user information. The most recent celebrity who has fallen prey to this scam and thus lost access to her […]


A Short Guide to Integrating Cybersecurity Into Your SEO Strategy

All websites need to be secure, and when it comes to malicious attacks, there are no “too insignificant” or “too useless” sites. Every site is equally vulnerable to such threats and in need of apt security. Online businesses are entirely focused on higher SEO rankings for their online reputation as well as the bottom line. […]


Beware of These Scary Cyber Threats This Halloween

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays celebrated across the world. The haunted houses, creepy costumes, spooky pranks, masquerade balls, and spine-chilling horror stories show that Halloween is full of fun and surprises as there is always a new scare waiting for you next. Halloween is celebrated on 31st October annually, which also marks […]