5 Social Media Trends Steering 2020

Most of the upcoming social media trends are defined by existing and current trends, as well as social media optimization methods. This is why we can deduce the forthcoming trends of social media that will take place in 2020. It is a general belief that social media networks keep on changing their policies, features, as well as marketing opportunities. The developers of social media networks always refine their algorithms, privacy issues, and terms of use.

Due to this constant change and development, it becomes hard to guess what things are going to change in the upcoming days. For that reason, an online marketer needs to learn the latest social media trends and changes to cope with the new social media optimization and marketing trends. In 2020, there are a few new things and trends that will be taking place for social media that can help you build effective marketing strategies for your brand or business. Here are the top 5 social media trends taking place in 2020.  

1. Lead Your Social Media Plans by Analyzing Data

Day by day, most of the social networks are enhancing their data analysis features. For instance, Twitter is improving its Media Studio and adding more insights, Facebook is continuously growing its insights’ functionality and Creator Studio while Pinterest is including Pinterest Trends to tell the business about user behavior.

These changes are clear proof that soon it will be trending in the marketing strategies. You can start adopting your marketing plans according to these new changes from now on. The main focus of social media platforms these days is empowering their business profiles and users. That is why most of the social sites are providing advanced data analyzing tools for marketers.

2. Privacy Improvements on Social Media Sites

In 2019, a statement “The future is private” was announced by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg. It was certainly astonishing news from the person who started a Social media platform that was initially focused on free roams communication. This new change in privacy didn’t establish immediately, but enhancing privacy on Facebook is a long goal of the company, and it is still under progress. In the near future, there will be no opportunities for marketers to run a public social media campaign since every user will be using privacy features to avoid unwanted promotions that lead to privacy issues.

Enhancing user privacy is common on-th- go change on all major social networks. The privacy concern among internet users is spreading like flu, and people tend to keep them apart from unfamiliar social profiles. However, if you create a group for your brand or business, then there is a clear chance of survival on social media. If you still don’t have any group and community on social media sites for your targeted audience, then it is the time. You are not late, so grab your seats before the privacy law becomes even more strict on popular marketing places. Try to engage more users in your communication group or try to enlarge your audience before it gets too late.

  • On Facebook, create a group for your audience and the existing customer as soon as possible.  
  • On Instagram, access the Close Friend list to provide private content to your existing client to keep them engaged with your brand.
  • On Quora and Reddit, look for the smaller communities to get better options for engaging your target audience.   

3. High Social Responsibility

In 2019, it was announced publicly on Twitter that the platform will no longer allow any political marketing on their channel. Now in 2020, social networks are making even more complicated policies and rules for social media marketing. Any misguidance, social algorithm manipulation, and other misleading marketing techniques will be targeted by the social media bots and privacy management teams. Your one false action can lead to an online criminal offense, and there can be legal actions against your brand. So, always make sure the information you are sharing with your customers is safe, true, and beneficial for all. In case social networks found your content or advertising not safe, you will be blocked on the spot. Another thing to ensure while running a social media campaign is that make sure the content or post doesn’t affect the user’s mental health. Here are the other factors to bear in mind while using social media in advertising your business:

  • Ensure that your ad follows all rules of the site.
  • Avoid buying your targeted audience contacts and other information from third-party services as well as using them in the campaign.
  • To increase customers’ engagement, start replying, and commenting on their public posts.
  • Make sure that your comments are relevant to the post or user.
  • Use social media monitoring tools to identify your target audience as well as potential customers.
  • Go for competitor research, use social lasting, and do hashtag research to look for interested customers.  
  • Once you find relevant users, engage with them using comments.  

4. Vanity Metrics: Not that Helpful

In the past days, there are some significant changes that are taking place on social media channels, such as a vision to remove vanity metrics on Facebook and Instagram. It is also worth watching that Twitter CEO is also willing to take away the vanity metrics from their platform. Additionally, both Instagram and Twitter redesigned their platform in such a way that puts less focus on vanity metrics.

According to a survey, users tend to post more content on social media if the vanity metrics are removed. On the other hand, when a brand realize that their content is not getting enough engagement, they are likely to slow down their efforts. So by hiding vanity metrics on social platforms, there will be more content shared on the sites, and that is accurately what a social media platform wishes. Here are some top tips to keep up with this social media marketing trend of 2020:

  • Begin truly innovative audience research if you are a social media manager.  
  • Focus more on your competitors’ social media influencer research rather than their vanity metrics.
  • Use Facebook research tools such as Facebook Insights and Facebook Brand Collabs Manager or use other analytic tools.
  • Compare the influencers used by your competitor and then find your own brand.
  • Access tools like Pages to Watch as well as Ad Library to see the number of engagement rates, followers, and ads posted.
  • Access social media measurement to check Share of Voice of your social media stats against your competitors.  

5. Use TikTok Marketing

It became one of the most downloaded apps on the app stores in 2019 unlocking a new opportunity for online marketers. The TikTok social media service uses a feed algorithm that enables marketers to send their promotional messages to the vast number of users. When used with social influencers, it can be a perfect place for advertising your business, products, and services. Additionally, you can create your audience by earning several followers and customer engagement. Unlike other social apps, TikTok is a place where you will find less competition as well as an abundance of the targeted audience.

Just a few days ago, a new feature was launched for TikTok, and now anyone can start paid advertising on TikTok. This opened a wholly new platform for marketers to begin online marketing from scratch.

Here is how to keep up with TikTok Marketing:

  • Create a well organized and appealing account on TikTok.
  • Check what trends can give you business.
  • See what your competitors are doing on TikTok.
  • TikTok content draws more towards dance, songs, challenges, and entertaining videos. So, you can create engaging content for your brand.
  • Use and learn TikTok advertising and reach new clients.
  • Calculate your ROI accordingly and make improvements in your plan.