6 Best Mobile Photography Tips for better Pics

Mobile photography is the new norm for the current generation, and reasonably so. People like to click every moment of their life and store them in the form of photos. That is why every new model of phones tries to enhance the camera features in their device. Companies focus on their camera because of the current demands of cameras phones. Some companies even went on to shape their entire brand around mobile photography.

Mobile photography is easy-to-use instead of a standard camera, but you need to know some tricks and trips to capture excellent photos with your mobile.

Mobile Photography

Here are 6 trick and trips that help you to click an awesome picture with your phones:

  • Manage Lights
  • Camera Zoom
  • Shake phone or Hand
  • Camera Angles
  • Using Application 
  • Use of Flash

1) Manage Lights

Picture clicking totally depends on lightning as light can reflect your photos as a high image or lousy image. If you learned how to manage lights while clicking the picture, then you can click awesome pictures as much as you want. Brightness totally depends on sunlight reflecting your photos with their rays.

If you want to click the picture in excellent ways, then you need to click the picture in the golden hour. Golden hours mean time after the rise of the sun and before set the sun. During this time sunlight is in your favor so you can click photos by using the sunlight to brighten your photos.

2) Camera Zoom

At the time of clicking a picture, zooming is a big mistake; it can blur your image and image resolution. Zooming decreases your picture resolution and reduce your pixel quality, which depends on your camera lens. If your camera has a large lens than your image will become clear. To click the clear and high-resolution image, move to the object to click images instead of zooming your camera.

3) Shake Phone or Hand

While clicking a photo shaking camera is the worst part of photography, especially when you are using professional cameras. So you need to practice how to hold the camera in hand to take photos without any mistakes.

  • Hold your phone Horizontal: When you click pictures vertically, it gives you a wider frame, so use a horizontal position to take your photos with less background.
  • Burst Mode: Burst mode is a favorable option to click more photos in a few moments; just press the button and move around the object.
  • What uses to click Shutter: You can click the picture with using phones volume key or headphones that attach to your device. It is an excellent way to click photos. It provides you a clear image without shaking your camera.
  • Stability or Tripod: You can focus on the image part by tapping on your screen to take clear photos.

 4) Camera Angles

Camera angles are the most important part of photography, and it can bring your pictures so attractive and excellent look. Changing angles can enhance your photos, so you can try to take a good shot from different angles.

Like taking a photo at sit on the high point and low points, taking photos from the ground, different angles like left to right, and any angles that suitable for your object.

5) Using Application

There are several applications available on the Play Store, App Store, and on the internet that provides you to click photos easily. Applications offer you lots of filters, control on brightness, shaping your image, cropping and resizing your image, and much more. With the help of these applications, you can edit your photos easily and make it more beautiful.

You can download a third-party application on your phone to edit your photos and make your photos to the Next Level.

6) Use of Flash

Everyone knows that their camera has flash but it does not work as a professional camera’s flash. However, if you learn how to take photos using your mobile flash, then you will click awesome pictures with your mobile phones. You only need to learn in what way you can use your mobile flash.

Flash can take bright your photos, remove shades of the object, and adding an interesting effect to your photos. You can compare your photos by clicking a photo with flash and one photo without flash; you find flash photos are attractive without flash. To click pictures with flash turn on your camera flash and tap on the screen to focus on an object to click awesome photo.