Carriers Suspend Internet Data Caps Due to Coronavirus

With many schools and offices being closed, corporations are recommending their workers to work from home. This all is happing due to newly emerged lethal virus known as COVID-19 or in general as Coronavirus. Moreover, the stress on network providers is on the rise as well, thus most of the internet providers have made their minds up for providing an unlimited cap for the users. Popular brands like AT&T and Comcast are allowing their users to access the web with extensive internet caps.

These big communication network companies are responding to the national health emergency by making the broadband internet free for the users affected by COVID-19.

According to the reports, Coronavirus triggers a sickness known as COVID-19, which causes the symptoms similar to pneumonia. The World Health Organization reported it initially on December 31 when it first appeared in Wuhan, China. Now the issue has developed to the global level, and most of the countries are affected by it.

According to Chinese scientists,  this virus belongs to a family of viruses called Coronavirus and includes MERS and SARS. Over 4700 people have died, and there are over 128,000 verified cases globally. There are over 1300 positive cases found in the United States alone.  

How Coronavirus is Influencing Internet Providers

The rapidly spreading virus is affecting the world economy, business, export/import, and even network companies. Most people are staying in their homes due to the deadly epidemic, and it is affecting the usage of the internet. Employees are doing their work from home online. Some network providing brands are offering some comfort to the suffering ones.


The service has enabled a high speed of its Internet Essentials plans focused on low-income employees from March 16, 2020. The plan includes 60 days of free internet, and thereafter you will have to pay approx 10 dollars a month. The company is stating that users will be able to stay connected to their loved ones and will be able to work from home during COVID-19.


The company is officially offering unlimited internet with its current plans for the users during the Coronavirus outbreak. However, several internet users that are using its services already own the unlimited caps plans, so their bills will remain the same. But if you are using a data plan that has data caps, then you can now use the unlimited data without paying any additional cost.


Due to the ongoing great tribulation, Verizon decided to surrender their late fees for all plans for the further 60 days. According to the company, it is a great help for individual users, companies, and others to stay connected via online platforms. They are assisting the affected audience in making a living to work from home.


The brand introduced a new proposal offering that it will now offer limitless data for all mobile plans for the subsequent 60 days. It includes Metro as well as T-Mobile users. The platform will offer the extra 20 GB for the mobile hotspot service for the same period, as mentioned above. The company says, at this time, the internet is decisive more than ever since everybody is working from their homes and they need sufficient internet to remain connected with friends and families. 


Previous Friday Sprint announced that it would provide limitless data for the next 60 days beginning from next week. The newly announced changes in the data policy will take place from the forthcoming March 19. Similar to T-Mobile, Sprint will also offer 20 GB free data for mobile hotspots for the next 60 days.