Covid-19: How Different Governments Are Coping With It

The worldwide Covid-19 outbreak is destroying economies as most of the businesses, industries, and other sources of profit are shut down, affecting employees as well as the government. It is fatally affecting the governing authorities all around the world. 

In India, the virus came a bit late, and even after staying for more than a few weeks, the transfer rate is pretty low compared to the other countries. The credit goes to the highly concerned authorities and the ruling governments who took serious practical steps in order to restrict it. Even according to the WHO, World Health Organization, the response from the Indian government is remarkable. Though the situation is under control, the government is still double-proofing for the forthcoming bigger exposure to the pandemic. 

Considering the fact it is the second immensely populated country around the world, the situations are currently under control as the police officers are restricting casual entries on the streets and on the marketplace. The government announced a national lockdown before the situations worsened. Furthermore, the public transfers are suspended for a definitive period, and police are even pounding the people who are traveling in a private vehicle for no good reason. However, still as of March 27, the cases have risen to 724 in India. 

In Europe, the situations are the most horrible as it has over 150,000 cases confirmed, and the deaths in Italy due to Coronavirus now surpass China’s. The government of Europe is taking the matter seriously and measures to limit social distancing. Bergamo is the most affected by the epidemic, and it has suffered hundreds of casualties.

On March 12, the government announced a nationwide lockdown to control the situation, even though nothing is under control till now. The government has strictly collapsed all of the non-essential businesses. The banks, supermarkets, post offices, and pharmacies are still open in Italy since essential activities cannot be closed. But there are critical guidelines from the government for how many people can go at one time. Police have received strict guidelines from the government to implement the rules to the public. Traveling between neighbor countries is restricted, such as France, Germany, and others. 

The USA government is also coping tactfully with the ongoing health crisis as it has also spread heavily in the different states of the United States. The senior citizens and disabled people are getting information from the Administration of Community Living. CSC, aka Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, who is examining the Covid-19 worldwide and supporting societies respond locally.

The country is facing a lack of health facilities during an unexpected epidemic. According to a report, there are not sufficient ventilators for the patients and the manufacturing companies are struggling hard to provide sufficient machines. In the US, authorities are providing instructions for workers and employers to stay safe at work in responding to the virus.

The government strictly blocks the arrivals of certain nations. Even in the US, many are facing the loss of income due to the closer of workplace and illness. This has affected the economy by far as most of the corporations, industries, non-essential production, and other economic activities have been suspended. 

It is vital for us as well to take several precautions and if the general public tries their best, then the situations can get better soon. However, if you take the ongoing issue carelessly, then this war against Coronavirus can last much longer than what the health organisation predicts.