Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs 101: The Ultimate Guide

We all know how Facebook is renowned as a social media platform all around the world. Alongside this, there are several attributes that Facebook contains, and one of the most popular ones is its Ads. Facebook started its ads service a couple of years back, and it had enhanced several businesses. The ads service of Facebook allows you to promote your company alongside venture on the least sum of money.

We all know that several other top-notch companies are providing amazing marketing services, but somehow, they cannot match Facebook. As there are more than 2.2 billion users across the globe using Facebook, it is quite easy for them to reach an immense number of customers. Every entrepreneur looking to promote their company should avail of Facebook for it.

In the subsequent article, we will explain the promising services that Facebook ads will give you alongside all the quirks and features of it. In addition, we will also be going to share with you how you can begin promoting your company through Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads

There are numerous definitions and explanations of marketing in the world, and we do not deny this fact that everyone is correct in their own way. According to Facebook, marketing is a medium to travel the company and the product of the client to the hearts and minds of the targeted customers. Although using Facebook Ads is quite simple, ita numerous ad services might confuse you. Thus, we will first brief you about all sorts of Facebook ads along with their benefits and differences.

Different Types of Facebook Ads

Here is the list of all types of Facebook Ads; entrepreneurs can measure each of them and then decide what is best for their venture.

  • Carousel Ads

They are amazing in creating hype for the products as they are specially developed to highlight the benefits of the goods. This ad type will grant you to share ten photos and videos of your products that will help in highlighting the product. It is specially developed for eCommerce companies that grant users to look upon their products.

The ad type also provides users to promote their company through posts, and there is also a feature that informs the users about the post that is attaining the best hype.

  • Leads Ads

Leads ads allow the companies to attain the basic info of your customers, such as name, email, etc. They are beneficial because it provides convenience to the customers by stopping them from too much typing. Leads Ads are often utilized to sign up for your product and, thus, attain information of your clients. Entrepreneurs who are willing to obtain the basic info of the customers, and then they can utilize this ad type.

  • Collection Ads

The collection ads are only available for smartphones, and it enables users to highlight several products at once. Entrepreneurs who are willing to market out multiple products at once can look upon this ad type. Alongside it allows your customers to simply tap on the product that they are seeking to purchase.

  • Instant Experience Ads

The Instant Experience Ads are also known as Canvas, and they are the ones with full-screen ad format. These ad types obtain the tendency of loading up the websites 15 times faster than mobile websites rather than Facebook.

The ads also merge the users with your Facebook profile, and the users will know more about your company and product. Although it is only available on mobile, it still manages to reach out to your venture with most of your Target audience easily.

  • Slideshow Ads

Facebook ads also provide users an option of gathered all their products and company-related photos in a slideshow. The slideshow becomes a video, and later you can post them on your company’s Facebook page.

Entrepreneurs can craft short video ads through this feature and attract customers through it. Alongside this, the ad also allows users to add text and music to these slideshows, making it all the more intriguing.

  • Dynamic Ads

These are ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a promotion of their company, and who are pretty sure that their targeted customers will be interested in their venture. Dynamic Ads will grant the customers to reach out to their ventures to the customers straightly, and they will instantly tap on the product.

Facebook will help you in tracking those customers who have visited your site and, thus, will keep on pop up the ads of your company on their screen. This is one of the best resorts of marketing that will favor the entrepreneur to enhance their business instantly.

  • Messenger Ads

Messenger ads type allows the customers to avail of several other ads types of Facebook such as Carousel ads, Dynamic ads, and Photo ads Video ads. The entrepreneurs just need to tap the Facebook messenger and then require to press on the messenger ads tab.

 After this, an action button will pop up straightly that will allows you to chat with your customers straightly. The ad type is amazing for the lead or service-based business whose business requires them to talk to clients first.

  • Video Ads

Video ads type somehow resembles a slideshow one but with a bit of more quirks. The video ads are the better resort of luring customers rather than the pictures on social media. You can easily display your product more clearly and in various distinctive ways, such as in action, along with your whole team. Video ads are also more reliable and favorable in gaining the trust of the customers.

  • Photo Ads

 Photo Ads is one of the simplest Facebook ads that are quite easy to create. All entrepreneurs need to do is to post photos of their ventures on their company’s Facebook page. The ad type merely relies on the creativity of the users, so it is suggested to research first and then post ads through your Facebook page.

How to Start Using Facebook Ads

The subsequent guidelines will help you in learning the ways to use Facebook Ads. If you are eager to assign Facebook ads to promote your company, then follow the below-written steps. Before proceeding further to the following process, if you haven’t created a Facebook Business Page, then create one now.

  • Choose Your Objective
  • Pursue your objective on Facebook ads through the below-written guidelines.
  • Sign-in to Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Tap on the option of Campaigns.
  • Then, select the Create tab.

The list of objectives will pop up on your screen; there are a total number of 11 objectives of marketing that Facebook Ads Manager provides. Choose the preferred tab and proceed further.

  1. Video Views
  2. Traffic
  3. Store Visits
  4. Messages
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Engagement
  7. Conversions
  8. Catalog Sales
  9. App Installs
  10. Reach
  11. Brand Awareness

Note: Make sure that you select the preferred objective carefully as it is the main pillar of Facebook ads. Thus, be aware and clear before choosing the marketing objective.

  • Name Your Campaign

The users need to assign a name to their campaign, and users can easily execute this step. In order to do this, the users require to hover down to the appeared text area and insert their name. Thereafter, the users need to set up a test of A/B Split.

The users can also decrease or set Budget Optimization according to their will. However, it is only beneficial when you are going for multiple ad sets. Along with that, there are several other options available that users can choose, so it is suggested to read them thoroughly before making a selection or change.

  • Create an Account

The users require to create a business account, and to execute it; users need to insert their valuable account details in it. The details are quite basic such as native Country, Language, Currency, and Time Zone. Once all this is done, then users need to tap on Continue to move further.

The only concern able fact that users must be familiar with is to avoid making any unwanted selection because there are no options available for editing. Therefore, the users will need to create another account in case of any mistake or unwanted selection.

  • Target Your Customer

The following option will allow users to select their target audience. Therefore, insert all the above-discussed features carefully regarding targeting the audience. The most vital strategy is to know your customers alongside much better ways to connect with them. The execution of it is quite simple, and the users can proceed towards it by hovering down and select the option of including an audience who has already visited your business page of Facebook. Thereafter, choose the age, location, gender, and language preferences.

Once the users have selected all the preferences of the target audience, then they require to tap on the option of Size Indicator that appears on the right side of the screen. The appearing tab will notify you about the potential reach of your campaign Ad. In the end, there is two most essential option through which you can make your audience as specific as you can.

The options are Detailed targeting and Connections. Detailed targeting grants users the option of excluding and including audience based on three specific categories: Interests, Demographics, and Behaviors. Whereas in Connections, you can exclude and include people on the basis of most visits on your Facebook page, event, or app.

  • Schedule and Budget

The step of the subsequent process will grant the users with options to select the money that they are eager to invest in Facebook marketing. The users require to choose the limit based on their budget.

There are two options through which users can choose; Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget. The options allow you to start your venture marketing under your budget, alongside you can also select the schedule for your marketing to begin.

  • Create the Ad

Pursue the process of creating the ad through the below-written instructions.

  • Select your Ad type first.
  • Input the media and the text elements in the appeared text area.
  • Tap on Submit.

Note: Make sure that you follow the above written all the steps carefully.