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Facebook Is Testing a New “Green Screen” Feature for Special Effects on Stories

The social networking giant Facebook is testing out a new “Green Screen” feature for Facebook Stories. This new tool will let you use a still image or video as the background for your Stories on Facebook. It is pretty much similar to the Green Screen effect available on Facebook-owned Instagram.

However, users can use this feature as an editing tool on Facebook, unlike on Instagram, where it is available as an AR filter or effect. It will appear on the top of the “Create Story” section along with the other options, including Text, Boomerang, and Selfies. Users can add an image or video from their gallery by tapping on the “Green Screen” option. After that, they can either tap to click a photo or hold to record a video against the chosen background. Upon selecting it, the feature is labeled as “Green Screen by Instagram” at the bottom, as per the screenshots shared by Mamun Billah, who spotted it.

This feature is already available to Instagram users as an AR filter, and now soon, it will be available for Facebook users as an editing tool on the platform. It will be a useful tool for the content creators as they can play around with it.

Nevertheless, there is no information regarding when the company will roll out this new feature. But it will undoubtedly add a new exciting element to content creation on the platform.

Recently, Facebook introduced the ability to make “Reels” or short videos on their platform. The company also announced that it is currently testing a new feature that will allow Instagram content creators in India to share their Reels on their Facebook profiles too. Moreover, if the creator has a public account, their Reels will also be recommended to other Facebook users to boost reach.

Wrapping It Up

Facebook is testing a new feature called “Green Screen” that will enable users to add a photo or video and use it as a background for the Stories they create. This feature will be available as an editing tool for Facebook users while it is already there on Instagram as an effect or AR filter. While the company hasn’t made any announcements regarding the testing or rolling out of this feature as of now, it will surely take content creation on the platform to the next level once launched. Besides this, Facebook is also currently testing out a new way for content creators to make money on the platform by placing ads as stickers in Stories.