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Facebook Launches ‘Business Suite’ to Manage Business Accounts on Its Platforms

Recently, Facebook released a new app built to enable businesses to manage their profiles and pages across its platforms easily in one place. These platforms include Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. This app offers access to the critical updates of the business and lets the users manage all the priorities here. Moreover, this tool also enables you to create drafts and schedule posts for your Facebook and Instagram feed. Businesses can now get in-depth insights using Facebook Business Suite and build ads too.

So, if you, too, are a business owner with accounts on these platforms, this tool is going to come in handy. All you need to do is first link your Facebook with your Instagram business account, in case you haven’t done it already. Doing so will help you manage all your accounts in a single place via this app. All the messages, notifications, and alerts that you receive on your accounts individually can be easily managed with this tool. In addition to this, the new app also lets you save personalized replies for the common questions that people come with to you so that instead of switching between apps, you can simply reply to them from here. This is a convenient and simple way, more like an all-in-one business management tool. The company also revealed that soon WhatsApp Business would also be added to the app.

Users can access this app on the desktop by logging into their Facebook account and then visiting On the other hand, users can go to the existing Pages Manager app on mobile, which may offer you to join the new Facebook Business Suite instead. But users using Ad Manager cannot use this app. However, the company is looking forward to launching it as a standalone app for downloading on both Android and iOS.

Facebook Business Suite will also offer several highly creative tools to craft compelling feed posts and ads, which will ultimately boost your business’ engagement. Businesses can also see the engagement rate and reach of their posts and also gain insights on the overall business performance across both the platforms, Facebook, and Instagram.

However, as of now, the Facebook Business Suite is meant to help with the needs of SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) as they are the most affected ones amidst this Covid-19 pandemic and have been forced to find new ways of sustaining their business. This app is built to help them reach as well as expand their audience online. However, in the near future, Facebook plans to launch it for large businesses too.

This pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives tremendously. From businesses to lifestyle, everything has changed in less than a year. But among these, the most suffered ones are the small and medium-sized businesses. While many companies, especially SMBs, have closed during this pandemic, reports suggest that most of them won’t reopen even after the situation settles. Moreover, according to a study, companies that used to make 1/4th of their total sales online are more likely to see quite an increase in their sales this year and less likely to fire their employees. Plus, with all the business happening online, customers have spent more money online than ever and started using social media and messaging platforms for business and product recommendation purposes.


So one thing is clear: going online and maintaining social media presence can prove beneficial for all businesses regardless of their size or industry. And this new tool is going to do wonders in this regard.

Facebook Business Suite has now successfully joined the numerous other tools that the company offers for businesses, including Analytics, Pages Manager, and Ads Manager.