Facebook Messenger Rooms: Casual Video Calls With Up to 50 Users

Facebook is continually growing its advanced features such as video conferencing, and recently it launched a new video calling program known as Messenger Rooms. It is one of the best informal video meeting systems when compared to other programs.

The thing which makes it diverse from normal video chatting apps is its spontaneous nature. Facebook says that spending time with loved ones should be natural and delightful and not tense. You don’t need to host a meeting with particular participants as the video calls can begin without needing to call each other. 

This is why it is pretty surprising and pleasurable to meet your friends when they are not formally ready for it. In case you want to use this, simply make a room and send the invitation links to your loved ones and buddies. The invited participants can enter into a room at any time as long as the meeting is active. In simple words, users can connect whenever the room is live, or visit during the chat is already going. 

While using it, you don’t need to think whether the time you are calling is right for a video chat as you can surprise your buddies with something they love or create a book club or simply spend time with your sick friends. You don’t have to bother about a perfect time to call someone or ask someone whether they are interested or not for a casual meeting.

How to Use Messenger Room

Creating a Room

People can begin and share rooms on Facebook either via news feed or in a particular group or on an event page. You can easily manipulate the settings to limit who can join and see the meetings. However, if you make a room in a particular group, then everyone in the group will be able to see and join the call by default.

The host of the room will be able to remove the specific people or lock the room when desired participants are inside. Once a room is locked, no one can join the meeting in it. In the near future, you will be able to even host rooms directly on Instagram Direct, even on WhatsApp or Portal.

Entering Into a Room

When a hosted room shared on the news feed, people can see it and join it if they wish to do so. If the room is shared with particular groups of friends, the member of the group and people can join the meeting.

People can share direct invites for other friends to connect to the meeting in a room. You don’t have to download or install any additional app in order to join a meeting. No matter you use Facebook on your Desktop or phone, you will be able to use this new feature effortlessly. 

The most significant feature of Messenger Rooms is that you can connect to a call even if you are not on Facebook at all as long as you have the joining link. However, the company has not stated the official release date for the Messenger Rooms. This new feature has been scheduled for certain countries this week, and it will soon become a worldwide feature.