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Facebook Redesign: No More “Like” Button on Public Pages

With the aim of streamlining and making its design simpler for the users, the social media giant Facebook has opted for a significant redesign. And as a part of it, the platform has removed the “Like” button from all the public pages, which was in general used by public figures, brands, artists, and so on. Commenting on this massive change, the company said it will now be focusing more on the newsfeed for conversations instead of spotlighting the public pages’ likes.

From now onwards, users will only see the total number of followers and a dedicated news feed on all Facebook public pages where they can participate in conversations, interact with others, and engage with the brand. This is a brave move towards facilitating platform users to easily connect with companies, artists, and other public figures.

In an article, the famous social media company said that they are dropping the “likes” option from all public pages and focusing on followers instead in order to simplify how users connect with their favorite pages across the platform. Further, the company added that a page’s number of followers actually represents the total number of users who can get updates from that particular page, which helps the public figures and brands get a better idea of their existing fan base. However, this isn’t the case with “likes.”

Social media researchers saw the platform testing out a new design for pages last year in July, which consisted removal of the “like” button. While this new redesign has already started rolling out for all public pages, the company says they will be introducing more new exciting experiences for pages in the upcoming months. 

Wrapping It Up

Popular social media platform, Facebook is back with yet another exciting update. This time it has opted for a significant redesign and dropped the “like” button from all public pages to present a more dedicated news feed for users. This dedicated feed will also display and recommend new connections, including other pages, groups, public figures, and trending content. Moreover, the platform will also push the comments from public figures all the way up to the top. Lastly, people can directly follow the pages from comments and suggestions only.