Google Enables Free Shopping Ads for Merchants

The Google Shopping Ads that appear on the top of search results will be free for the merchants soon. These product listing ads are now becoming free for the businesses, and this can help the small and local business holders. Now they can advertise their products on the Google search results for free, and customers would be able to buy the listed products right away.

It is the best opportunity for the businesses and small merchants who were dependent on organic traffic and SEO. Now they can rocket their sales by utilizing Google Shopping Ads for free as Google announced it officially. By the end of this month, Google will make its Shopping Ads, aka product listing ads free of cost for the merchants. 

This initiative is taken for the companies and entrepreneur that are struggling in the ongoing flood of economic failure. The business holders that are facing low sales issues can list their products for free on Google Shopping ads, and then their products will appear on the top of SERP. Considering Google is the most accessed search engine around the world, your products can get millions of impressions if it appears in the product listing of the Google Search page.  

This new update will start working before May, 2020, and then you will see the product listings on the Google SERP that mainly consist of free ads. Google describes why it is such a big decision; the company wants to assist the business that hit worse by the pandemic. Especially for those businesses that can’t afford Google Shopping ads due to the economic imbalance.   

The world’s leading search engine also tells that most customers are now using Google to find desired goods and products, but small businesses and retailers can’t afford the Google ads. That’s why they are facing the biggest downfall in their profit.

Google can’t ignore such things, and thus it took a firm initiative to make its shopping ads free for the brands. You can sell a wide range pf items like essential goods, products, edibles, or toys. 

These days, online advertisement is the biggest source of sales and interested customers. It is a lifeline for your business as due to social distancing, all customers are using the internet to search and get the required products. They are not leaving their homes and getting everything right at their home. Due to this rapid change, small businesses and merchants are getting no sales as they haven’t adopted with online marketing. The reason for not stacking the business online could be anything, low budget, a lack of knowledge, or no interest in technology. However, Google has created a much easier and free of cost method for such businesses to list their products on Google SERP.

Benefits of Free Google Shopping Ads

This new, drastically change in online marketing will affect people in the following way:

  • Buyers: Consumers would be able to find and choose from a wide range of products. They might see many new stores and sellers on Google. This may also help you get products at a much affordable price as compared to what you have seen until now.
  • Merchants: Free opportunity to get millions of impressions from targeted customers on the products. The drastic enhancement in online sales.

Marketers: The existing Google Shopping marketers can expand their listing with new free opportunities.