Instagram Introduces Its New Short-Video Feature ”Reels” In India

After the recent TikTok ban in India, Instagram has introduced its short-video feature ”Reels” in India. Users can now create short videos on Instagram, use creative filters, and add music while sharing it with everyone and not just their own followers. This feature Reels is identical to TikTok. It lets users create 15-second long videos with famous songs, trends, and challenges.

Vishal Shah, VP of Product, Facebook said that the idea of this feature clicked when they realized that 45% of the total videos on the app are 15 seconds or less, and Instagram stories are not the only place where users want to share the videos. Moreover, Instagrammers wish for their videos to stick around for long and be able to reach audiences beyond their followers.

This new feature will allow people to shoot short videos and add filters and songs from Instagram’s inventory and share them beyond the app. People will now be able to share Reels in feed with their followers as well as in the ”Explore” section. For now, there won’t be any monetization approach. After Germany, Brazil, and France, India is the fourth country where this new feature Reels is being tested.

Instagram has also collaborated with some leading music labels to offer a plethora of songs to the users for creating and sharing interesting Reels with everyone.

How To Get Started?

Just like options like live, create, boomerang, layout, superzoom, etc. this new feature has also been added to the Instagram camera. To create a reel, users can open the Instagram app and go to its Camera. Along with other options, ”Reels” will be there. Select it to create a 15-second or less video. There will also be some innovative options like choosing a song from Instagram Music Library and adjusting speed, applying effects, filters, and timer. Once you have created a reel, you can simply select which audience you want to share your short video with. Reels can be shared in Instagram ”Explore,” where everyone using this platform can see it, unlike typical stories.

This feature also offers multiple AR effects to enable the users to add a creative touch to their reels. To add these effects in your videos, open Reels camera, go to “Effects,” and select “AR Effects.” This feature also enables users to make multiple 15-second short videos at once and add different effects to each of them.  Users can review, delete, and re-record their Reels if needed. The “Use Audio” option is available in Reels, which will allow other users to use your original audios to make their videos.

Steps To Create Instagram Reels

Let’s have a look at how you can create an Instagram reels:

  • At the bottom of the Instagram camera, find and select “Reels.”
  • Click on the “Audio” option. Search and select a song from the Instagram Music Library for your video.
  • You can also use your original audio by recording a reel with it simply.
  • You can set the timer to record a hands-free video.
  • You can apply an AR Effect to your Reels to make it interesting and different from the others.
  • You will also find an option to speed up as well as slow down a part of your audio or video.

Well, this was all about the Instagram Reels and its unique features. Till now, Facebook has not revealed when it will be launched in other countries. It has already been tested in other countries, including Brazil, Germany, and France, before India. Let’s see how this feature works out.

Tell us how you feel about this new short video feature, Reels, in the comments below.