iPhone SE 2020: 6 Amazing Things You Don’t Know

Apple recently uncovered the all-new iPhone SE 2020. Its appearance is similar to the iPhone 8 when it comes to size, look, and the outer body. The newly launched iPhone is extremely affordable while compared with other modern iPhones. You might have read some details about this device on online websites, but there are still some things that are pretty hidden in the device. Let’s see the top 5 amazing things about Apple iPhone SE. 

1.      iPhone SE 2020’s Camera is not that of iPhone 11 Pro

According to official reports, the newly released iPhone has the camera of iPhone 11Pro, but in reality, it is not. Its sensor is not even identical to the iPhone XR, let alone the iPhone 11 Pro’s lens. So does it mean Apple is misguiding you? Not at all.

We said that the hardware lens or sensor of the camera is not that one used in iPhone 11. According to Apple, iPhone SE’s processor and modern operating system enhance the overall performance of its camera. As it is powered with A13 Bionic chip, its single-lens camera has become powerful enough to go toe to toe with iPhone 11 Pro’s camera.

2.      The Design is a bit modified

The Apple iconic logo is placed down the device’s back, so it is the exact center and a bit identical to iPhone 11. It is better in looks when compared with the iPhone 8. Apple has removed the iPhone word from the body. Its white variant also has the black bezel around its display, which was not used in iPhone 8. Traditionally, most white iPhone has the white bezel around the screen, but the new iPhone introduces the black bezel.   

3.      First-Ever Video Stabilization in Front Camera

All of the old iPhone with a 4.7-inch display doesn’t have the video stabilization feature, and surprisingly the new iPhone SE offers video Stabilization even with its 4.7-inch display size. It is a totally new approach from Apple.

4.      Apple Pay Express Transit Works Even While Power Reserve

Yes, in this innovative device, you can actually use the Apple Pay Transit to pay your commute even if your device is running on Power Reserve mode. This means you can pay your convenience even when your phone battery is about to die. Until now, the Power Reserve mode was only available in the iPhone XR and above models. 

5.      Not Only Most Affordable, But Also Ultimate-Value Phone till Now

Even the iPhone 8 costs 449 with the 64 GB storage, but the iPhone SE is surprisingly affordable even when compared with old models like iPhone 8, which was released way back in 2017. It costs only 399 dollars, even with its starting storage 64 GB.  It is 50 dollars affordable when compared with the price of the iPhone 8’s 64 GB variant.

Besides the significant difference in price tag, it has a much powerful processor than any old and even newer iPhone. Its processor is even far better than iPhone XR’s. However, it lacks Face ID or a big screen like a modern iPhone.

6.      Comes with One Year Subscription of Apple TV+  This is a really amazing gift from Apple with its newly launched product. Now when you calculate the price of one year Apple TV+, you will know it is 60 dollars. This makes the new iPhone SE even the best value phone.