Is Artificial Intelligence Beneficial for All Businesses?

Nowadays in many companies, artificial intelligence is taking over the human intelligence. In most countries, AI or artificial intelligence is rapidly growing and becoming powerful enough to do the tasks that are usually done with human intelligence.

Due to this, the manpower cost is decreasing and enhancing the understanding of different industries with the help of machine learning. According to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, whereas artificial intelligence can be helpful for the some businesses be it web programming, healthcare and industrial engineering, some kind of businesses may not worth it.

As per researchers, the application of artificial intelligence or automation in businesses should be planned in a well systematic manner. Before application of any new strategies, there should be well defined management of knowledge resources. In other words, a business should be ready to replace human intelligence by the artificial intelligence which includes machine learning tools, judgment with algorithms and more. So these kinds of machinery or techy customer interaction can have bad impressions on your customers if the AI is not compatible for your business. 

For instance if a business wants top-notch customer credibility and trust then using automation while dealing with them can put negative effect.  They will feel less friendly and familiar with your brand and your clients are likely to demotivate. The truth is that a robot or automated system can never truly understand human nature and this can lead negative results in your businesses. Currently people trust humans over the artificial intelligence because they can perceive customer intentions, actions, behavior and emotions. On the other hand automated systems are pretty limited in these aspects. 

In some businesses adopting the AI technology can be magnificent innovation and can boost the overall ROI. Researchers suggest that a manager in a company should study the need of company and then think where can artificial intelligence fit best and where they need to carry on human intelligence. The organization needs to know whether they actually need to implement it or it will be a future pitfall in their business. It should be practically relevant and beneficial for the customers of the company.  To get the best decision, brands can run several surveys of their happy client to know whether they want you to follow AI or they simply want the human based intelligence. 

The implementation of the Artificial intelligence can also vary based on the geo location of your business. For an illustration if a company provides its services in a rural region where people are not adopted with modern technology, it can make them become less interested in your brand. A long term usage of AI in your business can even result in completely ruining your relations with your customers. If you decide to run a few customers surveys before finally launching artificial intelligence in your business then it can also help you get the better understanding of your target audience. When you have done the public surveys for whether your clients are satisfied with your new policies of implementing AI, you can set up a meeting with your complete staff to get their opinion too. Aping other industries and using same strategies as what they are doing can sometimes make bad effects in your business. So make sure to mind all aspects mentioned in this article before planning to use AI in your business.