Is Facial Recognition Technology Helpful for Customers?

Various brands and businesses are utilizing facial recognition for enhancing their customer security authorizations. Many big companies such as Apple and others are making the wise use of this new technology to improve the ways of interactions with its existing customers. This technology has unlocked a path to seamless interactions between a brand and its users.  

Facial recognition has also proven to strengthen the security aspects for the business as well as the consumers’ side. As the tech is improving day by day, several leading brands are planning to include it into their products and services while consumers are allowing the mode of authorization for more easy identification.   

Facial recognition is a biometric innovation that assists in recognizing and identifying people by capturing and analyzing their faces. The recognition completes when the system put side by side faces from the captures image or video, and the one saved in the database.

In Asia, the innovation has appeared to be surprisingly beneficial for the businesses to enhance the pace of their services by optimizing the sophisticated verification processes, enriching consumer experience as well as permitting contactless transactions.   

Replacing Keys and Tickets

The approach is keenly handy in most aviation and transportation companies. For illustration, the technology is currently utilized in the place of complicated ticketing authorizations and multiple security touch points. Instead of boring fingerprint verification security authorization on every entrance, the companies have implemented the facial recognition systems. This has made the consumer experience several fold easier and less time consuming than ever before.  

The consumers do not need physical tickets if the company and customer allow and apply the facial identification technology. Let’s assume you are getting late for your flight, and it is almost leaving, you have only a few minutes left, but you know that documents verification of the airport platform will make you miss it. In such cases, if the airport companies can use facial identification in the place of traditional verification methods, they can save the time and efforts of their customers as well as the company staff.   

KLIA- Ultimate Instance for Facial Recognition System

In Malaysia, there is a famous airport named KLIA, which is also known as Kuala Lumpur International Airport. They are using a single token journey algorithm via a facial recognition system. The travelers’ documents, faces, and trip information are saved digitally in a token form that can be accessed to use any services at the airport.  

This has helped the consumers to surpass the fear of sophisticated and time taking security checkpoint methods and verifications. Now their consumers are free from these traditional security verifications since they only need to show their faces into the installed facial recognition systems. 

The same technology can also be installed on hotels or high-end apartments to be used in the place of keycards. It can assist enhancing the safety and security to prevent the forced entries as well as make the consumers free from the bother of carrying keycards.  

Personalized Consumer Experience

This tool is not only meant for security purposes or verification methods, but it can also help in other aspects too. Such as the businesses that wish to connect and delights with customers. If you want to do smart marketing, then facial recognition can help you in delivering more targeted ads to relevant people by analysing their faces to judge the age and gender. The same tech can also help the beauty brands to assist customers in selecting the right products appropriate for their skin tone and face features. So overall, it improves the personalised consumer experience by thoroughly analysing their face structure and features. Using this technology can also result in attracting new customers towards your brand as well as it can stand out your business from others.