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LinkedIn Marketing Labs: 6 Free On-Demand Courses for Advertisers

The popular professional social networking site LinkedIn has recently introduced on-demand Marketing Labs video courses for advertisers to teach them how to use the platform’s ad tools to succeed.

These courses will cover a range of topics, including the basics such as introduction to LinkedIn ads, using LinkedIn’s ad targeting, analytics and reporting for LinkedIn Ads, using LinkedIn for brand awareness, lead generation, etc. Most advertisers on this platform have varying opinions about the effectiveness of LinkedIn ads, with many of them agreeing that success is usually attainable for niche industries.

Businesses that are hoping to run ads on the platform should know that LinkedIn has a history of being challenging for advertisers to use. In addition to this, using LinkedIn ads has become a hard sell due to the lack of results for a lot of marketers. On the other hand, some advertisers also claim that once they figured out how to get it right, they have experienced success for their clients as well as for themselves.

However, it looks like with the launch of this new LinkedIn Marketing Labs; the platform is trying to resolve these mixed reviews as these on-demand free marketing courses will help the advertisers earn better leads and succeed on the platform.

The platform has launched the Marketing Labs initially with six main courses to help the advertisers understand and use these ad tools better. The following are the video courses you can find here as of now that will help you generate better leads:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
  • Using LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting
  • Reporting and Analytics for LinkedIn Ads
  • Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness
  • Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

These courses offer custom avenues for both brand strategists and people who run ad campaigns. They are intended to help beginners as well as intermediate advertisers.

Wrapping It Up

In the official announcement of the launch of LinkedIn Marketing Labs, a company’s executive said that LinkedIn ads could work wonders for your business when done right. The platform’s built-in lead generation forms help generate five times more conversions than landing pages, and brands tend to convert more leads when they see both company and acquisition messages on LinkedIn.

These video courses are free of cost and self-paced, i.e., marketers can learn and proceed the way they want. LinkedIn Marketing Labs seems like an excellent step towards helping advertisers succeed on the platform, given the prevailing mixed opinions about LinkedIn ads. With proper knowledge of tools and other functionalities, advertisers will indeed be able to perform better and make the most out of their marketing efforts.