Live Coronavirus Tracking DLT Becomes Viral

Acoer, the company renowned for developing blockchain-enabled applications has designed a data visualization tool that can track the Coronavirus. The developers have named the tool distinctly as the HashLog data Visualization Engine and it will be used for monitoring the deadly virus.

The newly developed technology is going to be a big boon for the scientists, researchers active in medical sciences, and journalists. They would be able to understand the frequency of Coronavirus and about the time it took to spread all over China and some other parts of the World so quickly.

The HashLog data visualization Engine will present the visuals regarding the spreading time of Coronavirus and other related factors after interacting in real-time with the distributed ledger technology of Hedera Hashgraph.

The CEO of Acoer, Jim Nasr, has given the information regarding the working of the newly designed technology to track the deadly virus. He told in an interview given to Cointelegraph that the HashLog Visualization Engine will capture all the useful information about the virus by pulling the data from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. Even though Nasr could not mention particular names and organizations but stated that multiple officials working at state and federal levels in the United States have shown interest in the newly developed engine.

He also mentioned that along with public health officials, some journalist belonging to blockchain and healthcare sector has also expressed their interest regarding the tool to track Coronavirus. According to Nasr, the developer company has received some inquiries including international ones aiming to buy the device for use.

The CEO of Acoer, Nasr, also explained the innovations made in the tool and application of more advanced technology in the dashboard as some other Coronavirus tracking tools exist too. The other Coronavirus tracking tool called Map has been developed by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering of John Hopkins University, and interestingly both the devices are depicting the specific regions related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

HashLog data visualization Engine: A Single source to track Coronavirus

The distributed ledger technology of Hedera Hashgraph will work with HashLog by interacting in real-time and help in racking the virus with more efficiency.  It is a database that is synchronized and shared consensually across the countless websites of organizations and regions, making it easy for the tool to track the information regarding the spread of the virus. According to the CEO of Hedera Hashgraph, distributed ledger technology is capable of providing information regarding the critical areas of public health and health care. So it can serve as of truth for a large number of parties.

It is noteworthy that the white paper released by Hedera Hashgraph has explained that every transaction regarding the transaction of the company incorporated into its ledger, which makes the technology of Hedera Hashgraph’s distributed ledger much more efficient than the typical solutions based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain-based technology has helped immensely in tracking the donations of medical supplies sent to hospitals, along with ensuring that the donations sent are immutable. The blockchain technology used by Hyperchain also ensured that these donations are exactly reaching the patients by providing transparency through the data.