Lockdown 4.0 Highlights: Restrictions & Relaxation

On May 17th, 2020, the Centre announced another lockdown extension for two weeks. Lockdown 4.0 came into effect this Sunday midnight and will continue till May 31st. Despite all the preventive measures taken by the government, the coronavirus outbreak has now crossed the 1 lakh mark with a death toll at 3163, surpassing China’s tally.

China registered a total of 84,649 Covid-19 cases and has not added any new cases for around two months now. Meanwhile, India has been adding approx 4000 new cases every day. More than 4.8 million confirmed cases have been detected worldwide with the death toll at 318K+. In order to control the coronavirus spread, India has now entered its fourth phase of lockdown.

Amid all the losses during this pandemic, the economy has suffered a significant setback. Considering this, the Centre has allowed some relaxations so that the economy can carry out its regular operations. The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced a new set of relaxations along with certain restrictions during the Lockdown 4.0.

As per the new guidelines, all the international, as well as domestic flights, will remain inactive except for emergency services. Metro rails will continue to remain shut. Public places, including shopping malls, cinema halls, gyms, restaurants, schools, colleges, and religious and political gatherings, will remain banned. Shops can remain open except in containment zones. Only five customers must be allowed at a time and maintain a 6-feet distance from each other.

Centre has allowed factories and private offices to open during the lockdown 4.0. However, offices should try to carry on work from home only for as much as staff possible. In addition to this, the Union Home Ministry has also asked employers to make sure that all their employees with compatible phones have installed the Arogya Setu App. It has been advised that people should download the application and update their health status regularly.

Inter-state movement of private vehicles and buses is allowed. This movement will be of great help to the migrant labourers. Although, the night curfew will remain as it is. Stepping out of the houses to stay strictly prohibited between 7 pm till 7 am, except for any essential activities. However, the relaxations allowed by the Centre have been done with the consent of the state authorities.

The State Government and UT Governments have been given the authority to restrict the red, orange, and green zones, after taking the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, Government of India, into consideration. The district authorities can demarcate the containment zones and buffer areas in the red and orange zones, following the guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry.

Relaxation and Restrictions:
  1. Air travel of passengers via all the international and domestic flights will remain prohibited, except for medical or emergency services.
  2. Metro rail services are to remain shut during the lockdown 4.0.
  3. Schools, colleges and educational institutions will remain closed till May 31st.
  4. Public places, including shopping malls, cinema halls, gym, swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, etc. will also remain closed.
  5. All religious and political gatherings, along with places of worship, will continue to remain shut.
  6. Night curfew will continue during the lockdown as usual, between 7 pm and 7 am, except for any sort of essential activity.
  7. Inter-state movement of private vehicles and buses are allowed with the consent of involved states.
  8. Citizens above 65 years of age, pregnant women, children under 10 years of age, and people with concurrent diseases should stay at home only.
  9. Sports complexes and stadiums can be opened without any spectators.
  10. All shops excluding the ones in containment zones and shopping malls can remain active with staggered timings. Owners must ensure a six-feet distance between customers. More than five customers should not be allowed in the shop at a time.

So these were the highlights from Lockdown 4.0 as issued by the authorities. What are your views on this? Let us know via the comment box section below.