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Spotify Brings Instagram Stories Format to Spotify Playlists With “Clips”

Jumping on the “Stories” bandwagon, Spotify has announced Spotify Clips. On Monday, at its Stream On event, the music giant introduced Spotify Clips that are much like Instagram and Snapchat Stories. They will be available on Spotify playlists and let artists connect with audiences and fans in a new, different way.

Stories are a temporary way to share photos and videos that automatically vanish after 24 hours typically. Without a doubt, users love this format simply because it provides them with a way to share moments from their daily life for a short time. But the continually growing launch of these Stories across various platforms is becoming a piece of a running joke lately as they are even available on platforms where they don’t really fit. However, it only seems natural or somewhat inevitable that a popular app like Spotify would want to jump on the “Stories” bandwagon too.

These Spotify Clips are in their testing phase currently. Nevertheless, since these stories are more of a social media thing, on Spotify, they will act very differently, of course. For starters, they will not be available to all users. Listeners like us won’t be able to share their “Stories.” Only select Spotify playlists will get to feature artists’ photos/videos on Spotify Clips. It is unclear how artists will submit their stories content to Spotify Clips, but the company states that this feature will not be available for artists via Spotify, as they may have expected.

Stories have played a vital role in expanding social media platforms’ daily active users. Back in 2019, the social networking giant Instagram disclosed that about 500 million users engage with Instagram Stories daily. This gives rise to an interesting question: why wouldn’t people stay current with their favorite artists on Instagram only, where they are already, instead of using another app for it? Perhaps if there is some exclusive content! Spotify expects artists to do that exactly – driving fans to open Spotify Clips and then stay later to play a couple of songs from the same playlist featuring Spotify Clips.

This year, earlier in February, the company revealed that it has over 345 million active users monthly and more than 155 million paid subscribers worldwide now. Seeing the way Stories have contributed to other platforms’ growth, Spotify Clips is expected to expand the app’s monthly active user base as well.

Wrapping It Up

The music giant Spotify has too adopted the Instagram and Snapchat Stories-like format called Spotify Clips. However, unlike the “Stories” on other platforms, Spotify Clips will only be available to select playlists to feature artists’ photos and videos. Regular users or listeners won’t get to share their own stories. In addition to this, the company revealed that, unlike expected, Spotify Clips would not be available via Spotify for artists. At the moment, this feature is in its testing phase and will be rolled out soon.