TAIPA States the Sudden Need for states to Arrange Policy for Right of Way Rules

Major cities in India, such as Bangalore and Hyderabad are experiencing a sudden 70% rise in the cellular data usage during the lockdown, said TAIPA, aka Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association.

In New Delhi, the data usage has increased by 30% as the companies allowed their workers to work remotely during the events of Coronavirus. Now due to the sudden rise in data consumption, states are in urgent need to match the policies with the Right of Way rule of Centre. The TAIPA announced it all on Tuesday 31st March.

Most of the metros like Bangalore and Hyderabad are already facing data consumption issues like the usage of the mobile network data has been raised by 70%. This is all happening due to most of the people are at their homes during the nation-wide lockdown. Generally, when people stay at home, they are likely to use the internet more often, and most people are also doing work from their homes. This increases the amount of data usage.

Now the higher usage of mobile data has affected the overall service and increased the load. The Novel Coronavirus has forced people to remain at home, and it is now globally increasing network usage. Even in Delhi, government and private organizations have permitted the workers to stay home and supported social distancing. By creating social distancing, we can counter the spread of Coronavirus.

Delhi mobile network data usage is increased with 30%, and it is still budding. While the ongoing pandemic is largely affecting the internet providing world, TAIPA told the telecom secretary as well as the states’ chief secretaries regarding the sudden rise in usage and its solution. In the statement of TAIPA, they said that telecom and data connectivity is vital or some necessary services and programs during the lockdown to stay connected and carry on the work.

The company wrote that the importance of the telecom services is greatest during these days as most companies have announced Work remotely from home, schools, and universities are closed and using e-learning to carry on the education of their students. In case if anything gets wrong with internet connectivity, then people won’t be able to join the work and continue the education via e-learning. 

Now that the nation-wide lockdown is going on, the users are surprisingly adopting the digital services, e-commerce, OTT platforms, and governance. Due to the sudden surge in usage of cellular internet, the overall mobile internet consumption has risen by 30%.

To manage the network surge, the cellular data providing companies will need to increase the service via upgrading the current infrastructure of the telecom towers and other essential network components needed to boost the network performance.  

Recently TAIPA said, cellular companies need to retain the data and other functioning of the telecom services smooth during this time.  They need to increase the performance of the current service by adding new or upgrading current infrastructure and resources. For over three years passed, a total of 16 states have their policy arranged with Right of Way 2016’s policy, said T R Dua, Director-General of TAIPA.