Tips for Customer Service Teams to Provide Top-Notch Service

Whereas doctors and medical researchers work to find a cure for the ongoing pandemic, businesses and industries around the globe are under pressure to deal with gigantic interruption to supplies, production, and customer service.

For customer service experts, the outbreak is causing too many issues, such as they have tons of pending requests. They are struggling hard with uncountable pending refunds, order cancellations. Due to these pending customer services, many clients are unhappy with the brands, and several are even angry and very obsessed.

In such kind of challenging customer service environment, managing excellent level service can be a lot challenging, since companies are already coping with pending service requests. That’s not enough, and they are also continually getting new customer requests.

In this article, we have gathered some very important tips to help you make better communication during the crisis. These tips will boost your customer service quality even throughout the pandemic, and your employees will be able to offer top-notch services to your customers.

Tips for Better Customer Service During the Covid-19 Outbreak

  1. Collect All Necessary Information

Accumulating the required information is the first step to manage your support request and client communication during the epidemic. To collect all of the basic information of your company for providing better customer service, you may ask some questions like:

  • What is your approach to decision-makers or policy?
  • When to hope for updated details?
  • Who best knows the probable effect on your company and clients?
  • Do you have present policies for order cancellation times, refunds, product replacement?
  • Have you set any important dates for your customers to know?

You can discuss these questions from your customer management staff and then ensure to collect as much information about your customer service. The next step will optimize your team to provide top-notch service.

  1. Making Your Team

Make an informative internal document

Your company’s front-line service staff may struggle hard to understand what’s going on and how to manage this. You have to set up a new team with more members to cope with the current situations.

First, pick a location which is available to all relevant people. You can select an internal knowledge base; a page which you can update easily. On the page, you can mention all of the collection information about customer service. Once the page is done, give that all information to your customer handling team and members. Tell them that they can find any information regarding present situation in that page. They can subscribe to your email t get further details or updates on that page.

Making Announcements for Customers

Now prepare an informative source for your customers too. This will make them feel secure and updated with your company’s current stats. As you have prepared a detailed document for your employees, make another one for your existing customers. Then make sure the page is available to all customers easily. 

You can mention why the service or their request are being delayed and when they can expect their refunds. This will significantly lower the burden and pressure on your service team, and they will be able to provide better consumer service.

Setting Up the Prepared Answers to Customer Queries

In present situations, there can be tons of common questions and customer queries from your existing customers. Preparing some default answers to the commonly asked customer questions can help many of your consumers to relax for a while. Make sure to show empathy, clarity, trustworthiness, and beneficial information in your answers.

  1. Equipping Your Customer Service with Tools 

Here you can create a help desk kind of tool to serve your consumers for their queries, replies, emails, and more. Below is a suggestion for what kind of tools you can use to provide better consumer services:

Making Saved Replies or Automated Replies

Help Scout is one of the best tools to provide these services effortlessly. There are many other tools as well that you can use to provide saved replies.

Customer Service Automation

There are a lot of tools to make this happen in your company. This can boost up your responses even when you have lots of pending queries and requests.

Update Your Customers with Your Public Statement

You have already created a public statement or announcements, but is it necessary that your customers will pay attention to it. You can appreciate them to read your announcements regarding the pandemic affecting your service

Update the Email Footers

Your email service needs to be tweaked a bit. You have to put a link to your public announcement page in the footer of your emails. This will help your customers to be updated with why they are facing delayed service.