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Twitter Relaunches Its “Review Before You Tweet” Experiment on iOS

The microblogging platform Twitter has brought back its “review before you tweet” prompt that encouraged users to review their tweets that can be regarded as potentially offensive or harmful for others. The platform is testing it only for iOS users for the time being.

In its recent tweet, the Twitter Support team announced the relaunch of this experiment. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people tend to say a few things they don’t really mean and regret later. That’s why the platform has relaunched this experiment that prompts users to review their reply that is potentially offensive or harmful for other people. Adding to this statement, Twitter Support further said that if a user thinks s/he has received a prompt by mistake, they can share their feedback with the team to help the company improve this feature.

Last year, in May 2020, the platform had started testing the beta version of this feature on iOS, which encouraged people to review their replies that could be viewed as harmful or offensive for other users.

Back then, Twitter had said that sometimes we might say things we don’t genuinely mean in the heat of the moment. This experiment allows users to reconsider a reply by giving them the option to review their tweet before it gets posted. However, that prompt will pop up if the tweet contains language that could be offensive or harmful.

The company had expanded this experiment to Android as well as the web with a couple of changes before the test was discontinued for some reason. As part of these changes, the company had added a bit more details regarding why the specific user got that prompt and refined the way it viewed a conversation’s context before displaying the prompt.

With the newly relaunched test on iOS, a prompt will be displayed to users asking them to revise their reply with the options to ‘Tweet, Edit or Delete’ it. Apart from this, the prompt also shows a ‘Did we get this wrong?’ option for users to give feedback in case the platform displayed the prompt by mistake on tweets that were not offensive or harmful.

Wrapping It Up

We all can agree that sometimes when things get heated, we tend to get a little out of control. And in that heat, we often end up saying some harsh things that we don’t truly mean. But once it is out, the damage is done, and we can only regret saying them afterward. To discourage offensive or harmful tweets, the microblogging site Twitter has relaunched its experiment that prompts users to review their replies before publishing them. The prompt will pop up if the tweet contains language that could be considered potentially offensive or harmful. It will give you options to ‘Tweet, Edit or Delete’ the reply and to provide feedback in case the prompt was shown for a tweet that was not harmful or offensive. Currently, the company is testing this feature only for users on iOS.