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WhatsApp Introduces Fake News Verifying Feature

WhatsApp users now will be able to identify fake or false news using the new feature. The feature named Search Message will allow you to instantly verify fake news. The new feature is available for the WhatsApp Web or DESKTOP users and has also been launched for the Android and iOS operating systems. You will need to update the app from your official app store in order to get the new feature.

This news verification feature will only work for the messages that users forward often to each other. The feature will automatically identify such kind of messages and then you will get an option to check if that viral news is true or fake. 

These days, you see horrible news regarding deaths, diseases, crime, health crises, and ongoing epidemic. However many people are using these anxieties to make people believe in anything. Most of the news that you see on social media is fake and that’s why you need to inspect every single piece of news to get to the conclusion. 

On WhatsApp, many people use fake news to trick people for their own benefits such as fake facts about a disease or encouraging others to share it with their friends. This creates an endless web of fake viral reports that can lead to political issues, misleading, causing unnecessary stress, etc.

To overcome this, WhatsApp was developing this fake news verification feature from a long ago. Now it is completely ready to be used and with the help of this feature, it is possible that misleading news may slow down.

According to WABetainfo, the Search Message feature on the web version can be quickly accessed o the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Windows application. They also said that it is even available on the newest applications for iOS and Android OS.   

The above site posted a screenshot on Twitter of the WhatApp chat in which you can see the search button located beside the forwarded message. By pressing that search button, users can access the Search Message feature. Keep in mind you may not see this feature unless you get a frequently shared or forwarded message on WhatsApp.     

While the company has developed the feature, it is not clear when it will be available to all WhatsApp Web or Desktop users officially.

Search Message: How This Feature Works?

Once this feature will become an official part for all WhatsApp users, you would be able to verify the forwarded news or messages by following these instructions:

  1. On a frequently shared message on WhatsApp, you will see a small search button located alongside the message.
  2. You would have to press that search button. 
  3. After that, WhatsApp will confirm whether you wish to search this message on Google Search or not. 
  4. Tap on Yes to continue.
  5. Now you will see whether the news is fake or true.

How WhatsApp Search Message Will Help in Fighting Fake News?  

Once a user gets to know that the message which is frequently shared is fake, he can prevent its further sharing. This will reduce the overall anxieties caused by these news and help people become more aware. Moreover, it will also help people prevent fake news such as sensitive cases like Coronavirus or Covid-19.  Many people are falsely claiming that they have got the antidote for Covid-19. Some say that burning candles is the perfect way to keep the virus away from the house, but from now on, people may use this feature well to reveal these types of fake news.