You Can Now Find Night and Food Shelters on Google Maps during Covid-19 in India

On Monday, Google stated that you can now know the geo-locations of places where food and night shelters are provided in the cities of India. The initiative is taken to assist those who are looking for these services during the ongoing crisis. From now on, you don’t need to struggle for finding night shelters and food services in India as you will be able to find all of the food and night shelter points across the country via your Google Maps app.

Google stated that it is currently collaborating with central and state government authorities to spot the locations of these relief work centers. From now on, you can quickly locate these relief centers in 30 cities of the country using Google Maps.

You can even use the Google Search and Google Assistant for finding these night shelters and food stalls offered by the Indian government for those struggling to find survival during the pandemic. 

People can effortlessly search on Google Maps, Google Search, and even Google Assistant by entering the following:

  • Food shelters in (city name)
  • Night Shelters in (city name)

This service would be translated into Hindi, in the near future stated by Google.

Reportedly the company is also planning to launch the same features in other Indian languages in the forthcoming weeks.  The government is planning to create more shelters throughout the nation to ensure top-notch relief service during the health crises.

Anal Ghosh, Senior Program Manager of Google India, said, “As the pandemic is getting worse, we are trying to make a united effort to provide solutions that assist people through the ongoing health disaster.” They are presently acting as a team with the Indian government to offer the best food and other essential services to those who are in the hour of need. 

The Manager added that showing the food and night shelter spots on Google Maps is a significant initiative to help people get the life savior information with little efforts. It will make sure that the underprivileged obtains the food and night shelter services without difficulty. However, the services are provided by the Indian government, but Google is ensuring that people get benefit from it.

Ghosh continued that volunteers, traffic authorities, and NGOs are also helping people to get information about these survival services because several poor and illiterate people don’t possess smartphones. Many poor people have smartphones, but they are not smart enough to use it wisely or to find the night shelter and food points.  

Many people lost their wealth during the health crises, including their smartphones. For them, many volunteers and social helpers are in action to tell them where the government is providing food and these essential services. If you can use a smartphone, all you have to do is, say Ok Google, Night Shelters in (Your City Name).  If you are hungry and have not eaten anything for a long, then you can tell your Google Assistant, Hey Google, Food shelters in (Your City Name). Once you search like that, you will get the shelter information such as address and other contact details. Moreover, you will be able to use Google Maps to navigate to the nearby shelter.