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YouTube May Introduce Autoplay Controls Inside the Video Player for Desktop Users

A couple of months ago, YouTube had revamped the video streaming experience for Android and IOS users, and it is now back with another exciting update.

Google’s most popular video streaming service, YouTube, has begun displaying the autoplay toggle inside the video player on desktop devices.

Presently, YouTube’s autoplay toggle lies in the right-hand sidebar as part of the “Up Next” section that shows the upcoming videos.

Back in October, the company had introduced the same feature for Android users, but it seems like they are introducing the same for desktop users.

With the new update, this autoplay toggle will appear directly within the video player. It will sit right beside the left of the CC and Settings options with a play/pause icon, demonstrating the current state.

As part of the video player, this icon will vanish when the user does not hover over it directly, thus presenting a cleaner user interface.

This new deployment of the autoplay toggle is believed to make it easier for the users to turn on or off the feature while playing videos.

When the users come across this feature for the first time while watching a video, a blue message box will be displayed right above the icon saying, “Looking for Autoplay?” to make sure you don’t miss it out.

Interestingly, it has been observed that the new placement of the autoplay toggle was displayed for the people in the Google Chrome browser, but it was not shown on Apple Safari. Moreover, the feature did not show up in the Incognito mode on Google Chrome either. Hence, it’s safe to say that the platform is rolling out this new feature step by step, and the same will soon be available to all desktop users.

According to the latest reports, YouTube has also been observed testing out another feature to offer support for multi-device download video streaming. The Android investigators have spotted the platform testing this feature. Reportingly, as per them, it will let users download videos on one device and make them show up on another device.

Due to the rolling out of this feature (for testing only as of now), the users noticed a popup box appearing on their screens that asked them which device they would like to sync, together with a toggle that said, “Allow Downloading to This Device.”

Wrap Up

All the major search engines and social media platforms are continuously trying to simplify things for their users and ensure a smooth user experience. In an attempt to do the same, the search engine giant, Google-owned YouTube is back with another set of features that further enhance the user experience.

Both the features are still in their testing phase but will soon be rolled out to the general public. Let us know your thoughts about these new features in the comments below.