10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Successful Product Launch

Launching your new product in the market can either be the start of a beautiful journey or a complete disaster. It is a crucial moment that requires your full attention and care.

Over the past few years, the word ”growth hacking” has become quite a buzzword referring to the non-traditional digital marketing strategies to assure rapid growth. Such techniques are utilized by many startups to ensure a quick penetration in the market, but growth hacking can be just as beneficial to businesses of any size and experience.

In this blog, we will be sharing ten effective marketing strategies based on growth hacking to help your new product reach new heights of success.

10 Marketing Strategies to Launch Your New Product
  1. Arrange a pre-launch giveaway

You need to create a feeling of excitement and expectations for its release starting weeks or even months in advance so that your product takes off promptly.

This can be done effectively through pre-launch giveaways and contests. It is pretty simple – the participants help you in spreading the word, and you give your product away to an exclusive group of lucky winners. You can choose from various options such as photography contests, giveaways, prizes for the most creative ideas, etc.

Whichever option you choose, try to find techniques that will help in making it as viral as possible. For example, you can make users share their participation on their social media, follow your page, or tag five friends. Keep your messages creative to ensure that it does not come across as spammy to people. You can offer bonus points for bringing in other friends.

  1. Improve your organic visibility

In simple words, get your SEO in place. A well-positioned website on search engines will provide you with a customer base to communicate your new products. This makes things a lot easier than having to start from scratch.

To make your SEO work, you must give valuable information to your audience. For that, you need to focus on optimizing these three areas primarily:

  • Keywords – Instead of thinking about what you would call or how you would define your product, think about how a new user would search for it.
  • Meta descriptions – People see meta descriptions as a summary of your site on search engines; therefore, it must be short, crisp, and appealing. But beware as sometimes Google neglects this description and shows the first few lines of text on your page instead. Ensure that these lines are up to the mark too.
  • First paragraphs – Your goal should be to ensure that your visitors know about your product in the least possible amount of reading time.
  1. Generate shareable content

One of the most reliable digital marketing strategies is generating content consistently, especially for the medium or long run.

Spend time in making high-quality blogs about your business or relevant topics that your audience will be interested in reading. The goal should be to make the readers share your content themselves, which will, in turn, drive traffic to your website regularly.

  1. Consider Remarketing

A smart marketing strategy understands that it is about guiding the visitors through the marketing funnel instead of just impacting them blindly.

Customers are in different stages of the buying process, and they might not be ready to buy from you the first time they come across your company. But this doesn’t mean you have to abandon them. Try to get them to give you their contact information and make sure to nourish your relationship with them.

However, do not forget about other things during the process. Be in close communication with your other more dedicated leads via newsletters, emails, etc. And of course, inform them about your new product launch.

  1. Build a recommendation system

Till date, word-of-mouth continues to be the most effective method of spreading the word about a product. Naturally, customers talk to their friends and family about the products they use and recommend. But giving them a little push can turn the tables for you.

You can offer them incentives or rewards for their recommendations. Well, who doesn’t like a little bonus? All you have to do is give them discount coupons or free shipping in exchange for recommending their friends to you.

  1. Optimize your website speed

A simple trick that can do wonders for your business. Make sure that your website performs within the blink of an eye.

What can be more annoying than a site that takes forever to load? A quick and smooth running website boosts user experience and brand perception.

There are multiple ways of improving your website’s loading time, so be sure to discuss this with an expert. But till then, here is a quick fix. Make sure that the images on your website are of just enough quality to be viewed clearly across all screen sizes but not so heavy that it slows down the loading speed.

  1. Build relationships with bloggers and influencers

Influencers are the new trendsetters of digital marketing strategies. Being an expert in a particular area or niche, they tend to have a loyal customer base waiting and willing to follow their recommendations. You can make the most out of this to spread the word about your new product out in the market.

The most common way to get bloggers and influencers talking about your product is by organizing events and sending out free product samples. However, it is essential to keep this in mind that you cannot just buy their recommendation or opinion as they need to be loyal to their audience and give their honest viewpoint. Also, to avoid any fiasco, you can invest some time in analyzing which blogger or influencer will be most interested in your product.

  1. Take care of your customer service

Over the past couple of years, customers have become used to getting responses from companies 24/7, so ensure that you are available to help them online.

Moreover, you need to be careful while appointing staff for customer service. As they’ll be representing your brand, communicating with your audience regularly, they must be patient and empathetic with excellent problem-solving skills. This will help you in offering your consumers the kind of experience they deserve.

  1. Prepare the FAQs before launching your new product

When you release a new product in the market, people typically have a lot of questions regarding how the product works and how it can benefit them. The more creative your product is, more explanation you will have to provide. So we would advise you to prepare ahead of time by making a comprehensive and easy to find “FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions” section. It would be best if you encourage visitors to browse it before approaching you with their questions.

  1. Consider email marketing

Although email as a digital marketing strategy might sound a bit old-school, it is still as effective as ever. Therefore you should make the most out of it.

Creating an email marketing strategy starts with making a customer database. The more information you have about each of them, the more personalized your strategy will be. You can consider their age, gender, location, and previously bought products or the ones they have shown interest in.

This information can be used to make a personalized emailing strategy where the receivers will feel that it has been written especially for them. Marketing automation can help you in managing all this information efficiently.

These were the ten most effective marketing strategies to make your product launch a success. However, one thing that most companies misunderstand is that social networks don’t sell. But that time is long gone now. A lot of brands have been making huge profits through social media platforms. These strategies mentioned above have worked wonders for other companies. Let us know how it works out for your product launch in the comments below.