3 Work-From-Home Skills You Can Learn for Career Advancement Post Lockdown

Quarantine has brought several considerable changes in our lives. With employees working from home, the learning pattern and working culture have been changed. Some of the world’s largest organizations are successfully operating remotely, giving a tremendous rise to telecommuting culture. It has been more than two months now, and India is progressively accepting the idea of work-from-home culture and flexible work hours. Moreover, a lot of companies have started realizing that their employees can be more or equally productive when given the freedom of working remotely and flexible working hours.

No matter what the field is, the working culture is going to change for most organizations once everything returns to normal. Companies might adopt the telecommuting culture partially or wholly as it is eco-friendly, helpful in cost-reduction, and saves resources. Although, as a result, the hiring trends, demanded skillset, and work traditions will also change.

But not everyone has the required skills to work from home, and attaining them is not an easy task too. However, you can utilize this time for upskilling and reskilling to evolve in your current work roles. Doing so will help you consider new opportunities with adaptive and dynamic companies capable of guaranteeing job security in tough times like these.

Some of the most demanded work from home skills to boost your career after this Covid-19 lockdown are:

  1. Web Development
  2. Content Writing
  3. Digital Marketing

Let’s discuss these points in brief below!

  1. Web Development

Many organizations carry out online trades with their target audience through their website. During this lockdown period, video game companies, online grocery stores, and other companies offering home delivery services have flourished. Even the local supermarkets have switched to online services to ensure the safe delivery of essential items in their localities or cities. This has also helped them to stay in business during these challenging times. However, even after this lockdown ends, the online services trend will continue since people would still practice social distancing. Concluding, in this situation, a lot of opportunities will emerge in the web development field as more companies would want a website to operate.

You can master the art of developing, designing, and managing websites for different organizations from the comfort of your own home by learning web development. There are various platforms offering web development training online. Utilize this time to learn to create well-structured and responsive webpages, perform operations, and develop functional logic.

  1. Content Writing

As a content writer, your responsibility will be to ideate, plan, write, edit, and finally proofread the content for websites. Content writing involves writing content for blogs, articles, homepages, marketing campaigns, webpages, video scripts, podcasts, and much more.

This is one of the most demanded skills for online businesses who usually hire freelancers and virtual interns for this job. Content is one of the most powerful techniques to drive traffic to any website, which will eventually generate sales and increase revenue. As more organizations will start online operations post lockdown, there will be an increase in the requirement of professional content writers.

Joining an online content writing training will be an excellent headstart to your journey as a content creator. It will help you develop your factual skills and understand the process of finding ideas for writing. Strengthening your command over fictional, non-fictional writing, screenplay, advertising writing, and creating crisp, logical, and error-free content can be achieved through this training.

Once you have clarity about all this, you can begin writing remotely for any industry you like, such as education, fashion, healthcare, or even start your own blogging site!

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a blanket term covering various internet marketing concepts. Organizations use digital marketing to connect with their existing customers and prospects by marketing their offers via blog, email, or social media platforms. Digital marketing comprises email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media campaigns, SEO, PPC campaigns, etc. It is one of the most efficient, easy, and cost-effective methods to reach your target audience.

A world without digital marketing would be a nightmare for organizations as most of them would not be able to keep up with this tough competition and establish their brand recognition in the market without it. However, in the present situation, the requirement for professional digital marketers is thriving, bringing great work-from-home career opportunities.

You can join an online digital marketing training course and learn various concepts like blogging, analytics, online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Once you have got all this, you can work remotely as a digital marketing manager, social media manager/executive, analytics manager, PPC/SEM expert, and much more. You can either work as a full-time employee or become a freelancer digital marketer for any company.

Learning any of these skills will help you explore various career opportunities where you can work from home. You can also become a freelancer. This was all about it, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We hope this information helps!