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4 Handy Tips To Get Customers Back For Your Digital Marketing Agency

With the pandemic still affecting the businesses all over the world, as a business owner, no matter what industry you are in, you must also be experiencing the changing waves, financial situations, or the impacts of the crashing market. No doubt since we all haven’t met these circumstances before, this all can be a little overwhelming or frightening, but there is always a way out.

If you are running a digital marketing agency and going through a rough time these days, don’t worry, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are four handy tips that you can utilize to get back in business and reemerge more robust than ever.

In this blog, we will discuss how

  • you can help your customers in these uncertain times to build a trustworthy relationship with them,
  • you can improve your communications which is a must,
  • you can support your employees during work-from-home,
  • you can prioritize your focus during this time.
Retention is important

The first thing you need to focus on is retaining customers, which can be a bit challenging since they are experiencing the impacts of this situation too. So, start by leveraging strategic retention techniques. Mostly when companies are facing a rough time, the first place they consider for making cuts is marketing expenses (or, in some cases, they do the opposite and spend even more).

To make sure you come out as strong, focus on the challenges with buoyancy and innovation. Figure out ways of revamping your product packaging and services to offer useful solutions for your consumers that serve this scenario. Your overall aim should be to show them how your products or services provide the exact resources that they need now. You need to become their support system more like a friend in this hour of need.

Communication is the key

Everyone is experiencing mixed emotions right now, which is why it is even more crucial to communicate with your customers correctly. While most of the agencies are good at maintaining friendly relationships with their clients, doing that won’t be enough. Instead, you need to step up and offer emotional support to your existing as well as new customers.

For instance, empathizing and being flexible will put you ahead in the competition as others are not being so understanding. Spend some time thinking about their situation right now and find out the ways of catering to that. For example, you can offer a new payment plan or a much-needed value-add. Anything that you provide in an understanding way will give you a bonus point against those who have not reconsidered their communications yet.

Moreover, you must remember that this is the time where you need to tell them about any changes required in their accounts. Like if your customer’s ad campaigns are not performing so well or if they need to revise something, you must tell them honestly and frankly. Also, in case your services are changing due to the present situation, you must discuss this with them instead of hiding in silence.

Postpone any pricing increases

Although offering new services or increasing your prices might sound enticing, this is not the ideal time to introduce these. Currently and maybe for the next few months, the money will be a sensitive matter for probably everyone. Asking for extra money for campaigns or even a slight increase in your packages or management charges to combat the situations your business is currently in would only put it at more risk. Also, if launching some new add-ons or an increase in pricing was planned before this pandemic hit, it is smart to postpone them. You need to think strategically.

Review your sales funnel

Driving upfront conversion campaigns won’t do any wonders now. Halt any tactics for the initial stage of the sales funnel until the situation is settled at least a little bit. During this time, you need to focus on the top of the funnel.

You can do so by offering informative, supportive, and nurturing content to your leads to drive awareness.

You can also create a video to post across social media platforms. Focus on developing high-quality education-heavy content to give your audience credible information in this time of uncertainty. Doing all this will benefit your business once the situation settles because they will turn to you since you were with them during tougher times.

These were the four handy tips to get your customers back for your digital marketing agency. Let us know how these work out for your agency in the comments below.