Digital Marketing

4 Helpful Tips to Cash in on Your PPC Campaign

Almost ⅔ of the total clicks made by the users performing online search queries and who are ready to buy something go to paid advertising, i.e., PPC ads. In point of fact, last year, this is what helped generate the majority of the search engine giant Google’s revenue. 

Sad to say, numerous business owners, even today, do not know that they can actually pay less to Google and still gain excellent results. So, if you are ready to utilize pay-per-click ads for your brand and want to maximize your PPC campaigns and wring as much as possible out of every single buck that you put in for marketing, this post is exactly what you need to make it happen.

In this article, we will discuss certain strategies and efforts that have proven to yield excellent results for businesses over the years. So, without wasting another moment, let’s dive into the details. 

  1. Establish Your Goals Before You Create a Campaign

Think about what particular action you want the users to take after they encounter your ad. This action might include – calling your local store, visiting a landing page, filling out an online form, getting to know your services better, or simply purchasing a product from you. But the question is – how will you assess this? 

Well, a great way to assess this is by tracking your conversions regularly. This will give you insights into your PPC campaign’s performance. Moreover, when you have your end goal established, it becomes easy for you to find out whether your marketing efforts are effective or not. 

  1. Decide Whether You Want Your PPC Ad to Appear in the Display Network or the Search Network

When you decide to go with the search network, your ads will show up in Google as well as in other Google search partners (search engines that have partnered with Google). In contrast, if you choose to go with the display network, it lets your ad show up on the hundreds of thousands of websites in the Google Display Network, showing Google ads. However, if you consider running your PPC ads in both the networks, make sure you use individual campaigns for each one of them. 

The crucial point to note here is that while one option is certainly not better than the other option, one might prove to be more effective for your particular niche as compared to the other. The key is to discover where your target audience is and then target that specific area using your PPC ads. 

  1. Utilize Geo-Targeting

When building PPC campaigns, every single penny counts. Hence, to make sure you get the most out of all your marketing bucks, you must not forget to capitalize on Google’s targeting feature – particularly to target users in specific geographical locations. You can utilize this targeting tool to consider elements like language, text, page structure, link structure, and so on. It will also help establish the principal themes of all web pages and then target ads on the basis of the topics you have selected. 

  1. Choose the Proper Match Types

While setting up your PPC campaign, you will be presented with four primary match types to pick from, including:

  • Exact Match – The user must enter the exact same keyword that you have chosen while performing the search query to trigger your ad.
  • Broad Match – In this match type, Google itself ascertains which search queries are relevant to your chosen keyword. 
  • Phrase Match – The keyword should show up in the exact order in the search query as you have selected in order to trigger your ad. 
  • Broad Match Modifier – This includes a combination of phrase match and broad match and tells Google what keyword order must be present in order for your ad to show up. 

In case you are building your first-ever PPC ad campaign, we would suggest you refrain from using the broad match only. The reason behind this is that in maximum cases, it will lead to heaps of wasted clicks since your ad will be reaching users who aren’t genuinely interested in what you are offering. 

Wrapping It Up

Paid advertising has become one of the vital traffic-driving tools for most online businesses today. If you want to maximize your potential of reaching the most number of target customers by having your ads show up in the right places on Google, using these four helpful tips will serve the purpose well. Regardless of what type of products or services you are selling or what you want, these smart strategies will ensure that you make the most out of your PPC marketing efforts and achieve the desired results. So go ahead and start building PPC ad campaigns that yield incredible outcomes for your business, keeping this information in mind to ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns.