5 Crucial Rules for Crafting SEO Friendly Content

When a business possesses a remarkable professional website that delivers a striking message can result in tons of leads and enhanced sales. Most customers are finding their way to products and services through online websites, and if your websites are not SEO-friendly, then you are missing 70% of your customers. Still, you have time to create a powerful website that ranks higher and has content powerful enough to nurture your clients.

That kind of powerful website requires top-notch quality content that is also SEO-friendly. When you work on creating SEO-friendly content, the chances for your website to rank higher on Google increases even if it is not old. Your website design and user interface matters, but solely focusing on web design is like you are styling your house only from outside. 

Investing more time and assets for creating SEO-friendly content is the best thing you can do for developing online business sources. Google loves fresh and innovative content that its visitors find relevant, beneficial, and engaging. 

This type of engaging content will make your site appealing, more professional, engaging, and highly ranked as well. “SEO friendly content is that impresses people as well as search engines at the same time.” If you are wondering why your site isn’t ranking on the top ten search results despite having tons of backlinks, then we are glad to tell you that it is nothing else but your weak content.

Don’t be sad if that’s the case as we are going to tell you exactly how to create such SEO friendly content with the help of 5 fundamental rule for creating SEO friendly content. Let’s dive in!

5 Fundamental Rules for Building SEO Friendly Content in 2020

1. Always Take an Innovative Approach

Don’t act like an ape while you want to create high-quality content for your business site. Taking inspiration from your competitors is one thing, and copying their content is another! Even if you are not copying them from phrase to phrase, but choosing the exact strategy that they are using is also called copying.  

All you have to do is use a truly new approach in creating content for your business. Don’t focus too much on your competitors. By doing so, you will be able to research on your own, and you will be able to design much better content because you will pay attention to your business goals. 

Create content that your visitors find truly unique, and when that happens, they will going to share it on social media. This will bring tons of new clients to your business. 

2. Find and Use Correct Keywords

It is one of the most important parts of creating content that is SEO-friendly. While selecting business keywords, don’t only look at its search volumes, but also think which keyword is easier to rank over your competitors. Can you find and use some keywords that your competitors are using till now, or maybe they didn’t find it?

Once you find the correct keyword, it is very important to craft relevant and correct content for it so that it can be executed optimally. Using keywords in irrelevant content or if your content is not beneficial for the reader, then it can backfire. Users will leave your site within seconds if they find anything irrelevant according to the keyword. This will increase the bounce rate on your website, and Google will surely rank down your site when that happens. 

3. Use Highly Optimized Titles

Titles are the main thing that will attract a user to choose your site over your competitors on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). When your site ranks on the top position, and it doesn’t have a striking or relevant headline, then the user will surely avoid it even though it is one the top position.

On the other hand, if your title is very attractive than your competitors, then you can generate more visitors even though if you on the second or third position. One mistake that most marketers do while crafting headlines is they only think about search engines and focus more on the keyword. When this happens, your title may look like created by a robot, rather than humans. Users will simply ignore it and move on to the lower results and will pick on them. 

So while creating a headline or title, always think will people find it relevant or helpful, or they would think it is not what they are looking for. In an SEO-friendly title, you should give a reason to your potential visitors to click it. 

4. Top-Notch Content Readability

How readable is your content for your audience? It is one of the impacting factors when you want to make SEO-friendly content. When you optimize your content around your target keywords, then chances of losing its natural voice are high. It is not a Google ranking factor after all, but it still matters for your visitors. You can keep in mind some important factors to increase the readability of your content:

  • It should sound natural even after using a couple of keywords.
  • Use simple and common vocabulary instead of rare and dense words.
  • Keep the length of your sentences short whenever possible.
  • Don’t use very official languages even on your company blogs.
  • Write just as we talk naturally.
  • Format your content that makes it easy to understand.
  • Proofread it is a couple of times and see if it can be easier.
  • Use relevant and supportive images.

Always keep your audience in your mind while creating content and never make them confused with hard to read sentences. In case your customers are simply people, then you should try to make it as much easier as possible to understand. 

5. Enhance User Experience

Your website UX will directly impact the content you design, and if it is not optimized with your content, then it can make your hard work less fruitful. Your content directly affects the user experience of your site.  If your content seems like for filling empty space on your site, then it will directly impact your visitor’s experience.

Always keep in mind how your content will impact your site visitors? Will it attract them to read it? Or will they just ignore it by assuming it just a formality? Is your site content is powerful enough to entice your visitors to read it more and more? Is it strong enough to make them take action or buy your products or services? When you follow all these aspects of your content strategy, you will be able to pack a punch on your site. Your visitors will be impressed with your quality and originality. Finally, when that happens, search engines will love to rank it in higher positions.