6 Powerful Marketing Channels You Should Focus On In 2020

Whether your monthly marketing budget is $100 or $10000, you just want to get more bounce for the ounce. Similarly, making maximum use of the time you are investing in your marketing campaigns is just as important to you. Well, because after all, maximizing ROI (return on investment) is the primary goal for every campaign.

To get that ROI, selecting the right marketing channels is the safest bet. But considering the significant transformations taking place in marketing all the time, how will you know which marketing channels are the ideal ones for you to benefit the most from the money and time spent on your ad.

If you are going through the same situation, confused about where to start from, we are here to help. In this blog, we will be discussing the six best marketing channels that you should prioritize in 2020 and ways to make the most out of them.

Let’s get started!

  1. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Among all the major marketing channels and the diverse options available to the brands today, PPC Marketing still continues to be an invincible juggernaut. Since every platform has its own learning curve, it would be best if you can hire an agency to handle all these campaigns for you.

In the pay-per-click advertising world, currently, there are two prominent forces –

  • Search Ads – The Google search ads will help you to appear in front of the audience who is looking for products or services similar to what you offer.
  • Display Ads – Google display ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads will help you in creating demand and introducing your products or services to people who might not be searching for them or even know about you.
  1. Social Media

In the marketing world, Social Media is a kingpin right now. Consumers are actively searching for companies they like or are interested in hence increasing the number of people getting on with social media to research products or services and make purchasing decisions.

Social Media also allows brands the opportunity to build their community, which you won’t find on any other platform. Whether you use social media to promote your products/services or create a group drawing in your business or just sharing BTS content, you must leverage this platform for all it’s worth.

To ensure a better ROI from social media, there are a lot of things to cover. Let’s discuss the most crucial things to keep in mind:

Focus on building relationships not making sales

If your audience wanted to be sold to, they would have visited your website directly. But social media is a place where they get the chance to know you.

Make interactions with your audience with enthusiasm instead of treating them like they are nothing but a way to earn more money.

Think about transparency

People love transparency and what is a better way to establish yourself as a credible brand than social media.

Display those BTS (behind the scenes) content and address negative comments gracefully. Your audience is going to observe that and will start trusting you ultimately.

Pick out the right platforms

Consistent posting matters a lot on social media, but it can be a tough job if you are doing it on every platform ever.

Choose the platforms which are going to benefit your business the most and start from there. You can always expand your reach later.

  1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best direct response advertising methods ever. Since customers have chosen to hear from you, they will be willing to open your emails to know about your latest products, how to benefit from them, offers, or events.

However, email marketing can be a little complicated, which is why we have provided the best ways to make the most out of it below:

Personalize your emails

Using a combination of autoresponders and customer segmentation can help you make your emails as relevant as possible for the receivers. This will improve your chances of getting immediate conversions as well as long-term email open rates.

Keep it short

Just like any copy, your emails should also be short and crisp – easy to read and scan. Do not forget to add a big CTA button at the end.

Focus on the subject line

The subject line is the first thing the receiver will see. You need to make sure that it is again short but offers value, able to stimulate urgency, or a mix of both to get more open rates because the audience will need a solid reason to read your email.

  1. Your website

Some companies don’t consider their own websites as a marketing channel when, in reality, they might be the most significant ones. Because this is the place where your audience will come first when they are interested to learn more about your business, and in case they are unable to find answers to their questions instantly, they will leave.

Therefore your website should be able to give a positive first impression clearly representing your business, what you do, and products or services. Although there are a few things that you must do straight away to enhance your website’s effectiveness, let’s dive into its details.

Perform  a site audit

There are several online tools available in the market that can help you to audit the SEO performance of your website. They will highlight the errors in your site that can or need to be fixed.

Examine your interface

This is best done manually. You can ask some people to check out your website and see if they could easily and quickly find the primary information and pages like About Me and Contact. If they faced problems in that, maybe it’s time to upgrade your site.

Utilize your analytics

If you are observing a dip somewhere in your on-site funnel, you can utilize tools like Google Analytics to find out where. These dips are occurring. Figure out why the funnel is not working and how you can increase it.

  1. Content Marketing and SEO

You can understand content marketing like a fixed deposit. With time, you get compounding interest, which makes it more valuable. Some posts are evergreen, and people keep searching for them. These content are capable of providing you SEO benefits in the future also. Not only they help in building relationships but also in lead generation.

Content marketing helps brands to establish themselves as authentic and experts in their industry. It lets you expand your reach by targeting more and more keywords whole, allowing you to connect with your prospects at different levels of your funnel.

To get the best results, you need to ensure its quality. These are some practices that will help you utilize them fully.

Offer value

To make your content valuable, you need to make sure it can be acted upon.

For example, if you are writing on how to fix a speaker you can’t just open it and look for anything abnormal.

You should try to provide a visual and text tutorial regarding how to open it, what issues to look for, and what they demonstrate. You can also write a stepwise process on fixing those problems and tell them which problems might be an indication that they need a technician.

Be strategic

Instead of just writing whatever you feel like, utilize your content to achieve something. Research keywords and know your target audience to find out the topics you need to write on. Add CTAs within your content allowing the readers to get in touch, try out your products, or know more about your services.

Promote your content

Writing and publishing your posts is of no good if people don’t know that it exists. You need to share its links and promote them across multiple social media platforms to spread the word. Allow sharing buttons and do everything possible like guest posting to accumulate more views.

  1. Word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing has been a significant part of our advertising world since the very beginning, and it will continue being one of the most effective marketing channels until eternity. You will ignore it when a salesperson says how you need those sports shoes, but when an acquaintance tells you how they love wearing those shoes and how comfortable you are, you will believe it.

You can promote word-of-mouth marketing by either running referral programs or by encouraging online reviews on platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, etc. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to stimulate word-of-mouth marketing.

Run affiliate or referral programs

 Offer your consumers a valuable incentive such as discount or purchase credit whenever one of their referrals buys a product or service from you. Make sure the incentive is compelling.

Ask directly

Once a customer purchases a product or service from you, ask them directly what they think about it and if they would like to write a review.

Showcase the reviews you have

Utilize tools to feature the reviews you have on your website or a product page or in the testimonials section. You will be able to gain your audience’s trust quickly.

So this was all about the best marketing channels that you should be focusing on in 2020 and how to make their best use. Let us know your thoughts on these marketing channels in the comments below.