Best Tips and Advice for SEO Expert in 2020

From 2010 to 2015, the industry of SEO turned its image from backroom box tricks to a giant and basic marketing technique, which is dominated by the data, statics, and its trends.

Nowadays, the web search and keywords used have become a giant industry to work on. Google lead this industry to offer opportunities for millions of people. Google keeps releasing the update to make it simple to add further human resources in this field not only to support the users (who search for the information regarding any topics) but to create more jobs too.

SEO Expert

One of these updates is Penguin Update. It is focused on the practice of building the links – this impact only approximately 0.1% searches (when it was initially launched.) With the passage of time, it keeps improving itself and make itself essential in the field of positive link building, and utilization of the data and tools. It generated many jobs in SEO content industry and content marketing. 

Rank-Brain is present here for a long time. It is professed as a change in real-time algorithms. There are many more core updates which make the statement ‘Content is King’ a bit outdated and provide the SEO as challenger for the crown. Still, these two work side by side, helping each other to achieve greater success. Everyone can have their own opinion in this section.

In 2020, we will be seeing many exciting developments from Google’s side and many more people who are now started working on this field. As per some source, Google is now focusing on the reporting update suites and other core updates, which will be able to offer more than just only the search results. This field is currently not bound by only the update of Google (still there are chances that it will come up with some landscaping update) because of new players and ideas. So here are some expectation for 2020 in the field of SEO.

As we know that the working of SEO and many have achieved excellence in this field. We always try to get the solution fast with minimum effort; here, the work of SEO starts with the help of unique algorithms. With the advancement in the field, these algorithms, and techniques are getting more and harder (and excellent for the users, who want to know the information).

This uncertainty in the algorithms is increasing with multiple times. Recently the two new guidelines are announced by the name of E-A-T and YMYL. There is speculation that with this, the algorithm will become harder and the goalposts will shift itself in the softer side.

It can be understood by this, ” Assume you got a good score by any post on Monday, there is a chance that you will be far from the mark on a Tuesday.” There are some sites where SEO teams are on total the mercy (the double-sided blade) of the Web Developers or some other factors which can’t be controlled by them. These sites will prove to be challenging for them. 

Yes, there is the certainty that the SEO teams wait for their turn to come, and when they possess the power, then they will aim for the sky, till then they should approach the simple solution of the problem in hand. 

If we see the other side of the coin, then we will observe that everyone has a sufficiently good idea about the look of a good website. The site, which comes on page number 1 any keyword has pretty good visuals and content; that site keeps updating the knowledge and its representation on a regular basis. It will focus on every update but stick to the most prominent one (as per the audience). So there is no reason that you have only to use the new and updated SEO campaigns because there is always a chance that update can fail. It doesn’t mean that they should not try every one.

The update in 2020, should be focusing on the authority and the trust-building. As per there are many outlets on the web are spreading false information. So, the sites with more truth will have the chance to build trust and getting the profit in the distant future.

Improving the Guidelines of Search quality 

Google keeps updating the guidelines of Search Quality periodically with updates. These updated guidelines represent how Google wishes to do work on websites and how you practices algorithm of the search engine is going to take place in the evaluation regarding the relevance of that website towards used keywords.

Here are some updated guidelines:

  • Needs Met: This factors in the region, whether a page fulfils the requirement of some query or not.
  • Page Quality: This update checks how the page is designed and how this page works and how it was fulfilling the query.
  • E-A-T: It stands for Expert, Authority, and Trust. It observes the website and its relationship with the targeted subject.

9 Factors that Should be Audited by Content Managers for the On-Page SEO

  1. Meta Title: It is the blue link with the information on another page.
  2. Meta Description: It shows below blue link and is used to attract a user to open.  
  3. Heading 1 Tag: The title at the top of the page.
  4. Heading 2 / 3 Tags: Optional and extra titles displayed as logline of the page.
  5. Content: The main body of the page having the whole data
  6.  Landing Page URL: After the website name the targeted unique page ID
  7. Keyword Density: Percentage ration of a keyword to the total words.
  8. Internal Links: Links leading to related but another page.
  9. Images: Graphic representation and point of attraction on the page.

SEO’s Scope and Expectancy

Google will (most likely) throw some curveballs this year too. However, this industry is reaching an age again, where any arena left to gain excellence. As always, there’s a requirement of understanding the market, customers, clients, collateral and demand.