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CPA Marketing: What is it and its Worth in 2020

CPA Marketing is a kind of affiliate marketing in which marketers promote products or services of a brand or business with their potential consumers. The term CPA stands for cost per acquisition or cost per action.

It is pretty simple to understand so let’s take a quick example to understand it:

Suppose you as an advertiser are looking for an opportunity to promote. You see that a brand wants to help its new product with potential buyers, and they are willing to marketer a certain value if they can make any consumer buy their product. They will even pay you 50 dollars for every purchase.

You accept their offer and start promoting in your own marketing style. After a few efforts, you successfully compel a consumer to buy it and get 50 dollars for that.

The above example is a perfect way to understand CPA marketing as the cost per action was the value you received for selling their product. So, now you may think about how it is different from affiliate marketing.

It is actually an affiliate model, as you can see, you are getting paid from a retailer for selling their goods. But here is a small difference you may miss among affiliate marketing and CPA marketing, you are getting a specified amount for a particular offer.

In affiliate marketing, you get a tiny commission on selling a product, and you may fail in providing too much traffic to the platform. However, in CPA marketing, even if you make a single customer motivated enough to buy a product, you get a significant value that is way higher than what you get in standard affiliates such as Amazon associates.

Define CPA Marketing?

“CPA Marketing is an affiliate representation where you get remuneration when a consumer performs a particular action. These actions can be getting a quote, signing up for a trial, making a purchase, or filling out a form.”    

Is CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing Worth in 2020?

CPA marketing is indeed worth in 2020 as the opportunities in CPA marketing are scattered. All you have to do is find the ideal platform and get started. Finding the right platform is not that tough since now we have some great dedicated search engines for finding CPA offers.

The competition may increase with time, but if you are smart enough, then nobody can stop you from generating the desired results.

If you use SEO wisely, it can provide you long-lasting income even when you are not making any constant efforts to promote them. Once your site ranks on a significant position on SERP that has the link to a CPA offer, you will get perpetual income throughout weeks, even while on vacations.

So it is safe to say that CPA affiliate marketing is 100% worth in 2020.

How to Succeed in CPA Marketing in 2020?   

Change is imminent in every marketing field, whether you talk about traditional marketing or digital marketing. You have to change according to its new rules, policies, trends, and opportunities. The competition has increased as well as many search engines, and social networks have new policies and rules to follow.

If you want to put yourself in CPA marketing, we are offering an ultimate guide for how to win CPA marketing in 2020 only below here:

Step 1: Look For a Solid CPA Offer

Your first and foremost step is to hunt down an offer that is easy to promote and have less competition. To do this, simply visit or trigger and then use the search bar to find an offer as per your choice and niche. In case you are looking for an offer to promote on your existing site, then use the search bar to find an offer according to the niche of your website. 

When an offer seems to suit you, click on it and see the details about it. You will find the basic details about the offer and what they want from you to do for them. You will also get to know what kind of traffic they are allowing to use for marketing.

Step 2: Connect to a Network 

When you found a perfect offer, it is time to connect to the network that is providing a suitable offer. To proceed further, you will have to click on the Join Network button.

Then, you will be redirected to a form that is required to complete in order to grab the offer. They will also ask you to mention a mobile number on which they can contact you. This is a must-do step in order to get confirmed for the offer and network. Don’t hesitate and enter all the details they ask.

They call you to know whether you are an ethical person or business or not since they don’t want anyone tricky on their platform.     

How to Get Verified by Any CPA Network?

Bear in mind, CPA networks do not intend to make things difficult for you. They only want to check how honest and legit you are.

Here are the best practices to get conformed by any CPA networks in little efforts:

  • Contact them via phone before they do the same.
  • Make sure to provide the correct email address.
  • Be truthful and don’t mention anything that you don’t possess or know. 

Step 3: Develop Your Site UI and UX with CPA offer link

When you get the offer to promote, it is time to make your site ready for promoting it. Now you have to combine the offer tactfully into the site. Make sure your website design doesn’t force the customers to click on the CPA offers, instead arouse the interest of your audience for it with smart ways.

Don’t put the CPA offers on your site just like Google Adsense banners. Make sure that the CPA offer is integrated on your site with proper context.

Step 4: Driving the Relevant Traffic to Your Site

Method 1: Using SEO

SEO is the best way to drive relevant traffic to your site. You can’t expect instant results in SEO, but when your site ranks for relevant keywords, you get evitable traffic for months without even caring for it. So your first preference should be SEO.

Method 2: Using Pay Per Click Ads

PPC ad is another effective way to pull of custom and targeted traffic to your site. You can expect instant responses with your PPC campaigns as they work according to cost per click. However, this will reduce your income, and once your ads are stopped, your income will stop too.

If you are promoting beauty or cosmetic products, then go for social media ads. But if you are promoting a training course, then Google Ads will work best.

Method 3: Social Media Optimization

Social media has the potential of billions of traffic. So it is up to you how you are going to utilize the traffic from there. You might use trending hashtags to increase your post reach and other methods. If you have a popular Facebook page or Instagram profile with tons of following, then you can also consider that for driving traffic to your site.