Diversity Marketing: What is it & Who is Using It?

Diversity Marketing, also called in-culture marketing, is a method of marketing that focuses on specific groups of people and communities as a channel to reach a target audience for a business instead of putting the same marketing strategy to all people.  

In diversity marketing, the brand does not think that culture only has one common kind of requirements, issues, and expectations. Instead, you need to research your audience’s culture deeply and then provide solutions according to their choice and need.  

“Diversity Marketing is a way of studying different cultures, subgroups, demographics, religions, and geo-locations for marketing purpose of providing personalized services and solutions for them.”

In traditional marketing, brands tend to use the same marketing strategies for all people while it uses diverse programs to target each of them based on their diversity. It teaches companies that they might need to treat various races and subgroups diversely to get maximum customer engagement.  

It is a way of understanding the audiences more accurately for trying the best strategy and planning for a particular audience. However, it can be hard to believe a new marketing idea unless you see a reputable brand applying it. So we would like to inform you that popular world-leading brands such as Coca-Cola and others have implemented it in their marketing plan.

Here are the types of companies that are using diverse marketing currently in their marketing plan to boost the performance:

Multi-Cultural Cosmetic

The beauty and cosmetics brands are the best examples of diverse marketing these days. These companies cannot use one for the global audience or even specific race as their products may work differently on diverse people. Hence, it is crucial for a cosmetic brand to deeply analyze the audience on the base of age, gender, race, region, skin tone, culture, and other aspects to sell products.   


It provides a skin color chart made of total 66 shades that allows buyers to identify the best product for their skin type or requirement. Surely, this is not a day or a week work, they might had to do surveys with different people in the target audience to make it. There is no doubt, L’Oreal has used diverse marketing at best.  


It is another popular cosmetics brand based in Brazil and South Africa that offers over 39 shades for its target customers. They also provide multi-lingual in-store consultants for their customers to get guidance regarding what to use. Euromonitor is an organization that does thorough market research for each kind of race, region, and a group of people around the world to get diverse marketing data for brands. The organization has helped many brands understand their customer needs and expectations from them. It is the ultimate example of diverse real-life marketing in action.

AT&T The world-leading telecommunication company AT&T has implemented diverse marketing very seriously. They have a separate Chief Diversity Officer to manage all of the business planning according to the diverse audience. The company found an impressive fact while researching its diverse audience that Spanish people tend to be more concerned about services. They want instant refunds or solutions in comparison to other countries. This data helped the company provide better services in Spain, and now AT&T is a beloved brand for Spanish users.