How to Select the Right Channel for Marketing Your Brand

The present-day market and customer-behavior are changing rapidly; hence it is indeed essential to timely update your marketing strategy as well as channel. In the past months, there was a surprising change in people’s behavior, and they are reacting diversely to an advertisement. So it is time to modify your marketing platform and if you don’t research your targeted customers’ behavior and interest, then you might be missing plenty of leads, sales, and traffic.

If you know the right channel for your marketing efforts, then you might get better results with the same budget and time. You only have to learn the best marketing network for your business, and the rest of your business strategy will remain the same.

Deciding the Right Marketing Channel

Pro Tip: Know Your Customers & Target Audience

Want to know which marketing network can work best for your business?

There is no doubt that your business only stands because of your audience. If they don’t buy from you, you are lost. It is best to know what they love and where they want to see a brand like yours.  

  • Is the platform you are using for marketing have the same language that your customers understand?
  • Is the channel you are using less recognized by your audience or existing customers?

You can take some surveys of your clients to know that they think about it where your business can make more effective conversions. It is the first approach for every business to learn the right marketing channel. You should give it a try.

4 Kinds of Audience and Marketing Channel

1. Visual

It refers to the audience that loves written notes, graphics, diagrams, as well as images. This kind of audience prefers to read or observe things rather than listening to a podcast.

Now for this type of potential customers, you can use these channels:

  • Social Media: Pinterest or Instagram
  • Video demonstrating channel
  • Video ads
  • Display ads
  • Social media marketing or Social media ads

2. Aural or Auditory

Most of the musicians are auditory and prefer to hear step-by-step guidance of something to learn about a new thing. They hate long articles on a blog post and mostly relies on listening to the information.  

If your audience has some of these types of people, then you can use the below marketing channel:

  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • Spotify Ads or ads in other music services.

3. Linguistic: Readers  

These types of learners prefer to read something or they may enjoy the audio information too. You can catch them on social media or through your organic SEO. Here are some channels for this audience:

  • Articles or Blogs
  • Audio Books
  • Podcasts
  • Affiliate marketing or Influencer marketing  

4. Physical or Kinesthetic

In other words, “hands-on” or else physical learner. These people love activities and listening to a speech or reading information is garbage for them. Have you noticed someone who prefers always moving or exerting themselves physically even it’s not needed? That kind of people here we are talking about. This happens because they are kinesthetic nature type. They prefers learning through body language, so here are some networks to catch them:

  • Video
  • Social Media ads
  • Video ads
  • Gamification UX
  • Subscription boxes
  • Identifying Right Channel by Analyzing Target Audience

Now you know what kind of people are there in your target audience, it’s time to put it into practice. All you have to do is integrate these marketing channels in your advertising strategy. If possible, choose marketing channels for all types of the audience, including visual, kinesthetic, linguistic, and visual learners. When you do this, you are maximizing your business reach and getting most out of your marketing efforts and budget.