Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing the Most Successful Way to Connect With Your Customers?

Considering the current restrictions in effect against stepping out and all the other advertising mediums being ineffective, it has become essential that the message reaches our customers. The present situation has made a strong path for the marketers, considering they have the vision to do so. As people are spending the majority of their time at their homes now, connecting with them digitally has become way more convenient than ever. This unexpected rise in digital consumption has facilitated the marketers to adapt digital mediums as their preferred choice.

Need to get digital all the more now

As per a recent report, the average time Indians spend on their smartphones has gone up significantly. The tremendous growth in digital transformation has also set digital payments in motion. Cashless payments have gone way too up in recent times.

With people spending most of their time online and making digital transactions, you would definitely want to establish a digital footprint. These marketing efforts will help you gain a substantial brand recognition once the lockdown is over and businesses resume back to normal. This is why your brand needs to build an emotional connection with its target audience during these difficult times.

Why are customers & brands adapting?

All of us are going to witness an extraordinary influx of digital India, backed by the ongoing lockdown that has mobilized the speed at which the existing customers are getting furthermore connected with devices, e-medicines, payments, etc. The active internet user base in India has taken off. It is the content and other offerings online across different digital platforms that have successfully managed to keep the audience glued to it by connecting them with the outside world.

The consumers have also started to realize how profitable these digital platforms are, and we are quite certain that this trend is going to play a crucial role in the rise of digital media. This has resulted in the leading brands, especially the ones in the media and entertainment industry, to move their focus as well as funding towards digital, a more assuring, and feasible platform for advertising and branding in the present scenario. Businesses are entering a new and normal world where the main focus on digital and mobile advertising will be the main ingredient for every marketing campaign across products and brands.

A change for the OTT industry

The pandemic has affected industries from all over the world. The Indian OTT platforms have now shifted their focus to digital marketing, even more, to broaden their base and gather more new subscribers. Considering the increasing offerings that are being made available to the flourishing number of digitally connected customers, the transformation to digital content is likely to occur quicker than predicted. In this never-ending race of grabbing the customer’s attention, it all comes down to reaching the viewers via the most promising medium and increasing the awareness of the content they are offering.

As we move towards the world after lockdown, we expect that the OTT entertainment will dominate the entertainment industry and become more widespread as more audiences are getting exposed to the superabundance of options available across the multiple regional languages too. We are looking forward to furthermore digital modernization across digital and content marketing that will eventually make these content streaming platforms a more fundamental part of the audiences’ life.

Personalization of streaming platforms

In order to make the consumer’s experience even better, platforms are shifting their focus to identify the behavior of their consumers, shows they watch, the time they spend watching, and what is appearing on their watch list. There are endless possibilities for determining behavior analytics via data science. Implementing the AI will improve the audience engagement moreover. For further enhancing the viewer experience, it is vital to be a part of their journey since the beginning by evaluating their preferences based on their behavioral patterns. This AI-led personalization is sure to improve the user experience and keep the subscribers engaged.

It’s time to begin now!

This lockdown has emerged as a fantastic opportunity for brands to build a strong relationship with their audience. With digital innovation, you can get discovered now more than ever. Brands who want to establish a strong footprint in the industry post lockdown can leverage this opportunity. By building a robust business and digital marketing strategy, you can create solid brand recognition. For the companies who feel lockdown has slowed them down, it hasn’t. If you are willing to expand, this is the perfect chance!