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LinkedIn Enables Its Users to Include Polls to Posts

LinkedIn is reportedly developing a new feature for its users that will allow them to add polls to their posts effortlessly. Jane Manchun Wong revealed this new LinkedIn feature, who is an expert in locating unreleased programs with the help of reserve engineering apps. 

He recently shared a screenshot showing how the LinkedIn Polls will look. After seeing the screenshot, you will come to know that it is pretty identical to the polls feature of Twitter. With the LinkedIn polls, you will be able to ask for votes from the audience regarding a question. Wong shared an example of this new feature: he has created a poll by asking a question, “What Does the WFH abbreviation mean?” Then he has shared a few options to choose from, and users can choose any of the listed answers to vote.

This new feature will turn the whole landscape of LinkedIn Marketing, even while approaching the organic way of advertising. You will be able to create polls regarding the customer queries, consumer surveys, or to know the opinion of your target audience regarding particular things.

You can create a simple and apt poll with LinkedIn and add up to 4 options or choices. One poll can stay live up to 2 weeks, and after that, it will automatically end. It is way better than Twitter polls as it stays for two weeks, and on the other hand, Twitter’s poll can only last for one week.    

On other popular social media networks, be it Instagram or Facebook, you can only post polls maximum for 24 hours, and when a poll completes its 24th hour, it ends automatically. Keep in mind that there is no official announcement regarding this new feature till now. So we got no idea when it’s going to launch.

Though, the social media platform has shared a few helpful documents about how to use this upcoming poll feature. These official instructions for using LinkedIn polls are solid proof that it is 100% reliable news that it will be released soon. Also, by looking at the screenshot, it is even clearer how this feature will appear.

LinkedIn Polls- An Overview

The polls feature will slowly release for the users and will soon be available to all. It will be a built-in feature, so that means you won’t need to use any third-party social media tools to use polls on LinkedIn. Instead, you will only need to choose an option while creating a post to convert it into a poll.

In case you have previously used polls on LinkedIn, then you may have used the third-party tools such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms to make this happen. On the post composer wizard, the Polls button will be available soon, and just by pressing it, you will be able to create a poll on LinkedIn without any hassle. 

Here’s What We Know about Upcoming LinkedIn Polls So far

Visibility of the poll

You will be able to control the visibility of your polls with a few options and keep in mind that by default, it will be set to “Anyone.” Here are the options to adjust it:

  • Anyone + Twitter: Your poll can be seen on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Connections only: Only limited to the author’s 1st-degree connections.
  • Group Members: Visible to only a shared group only.
  • Event attendees: Limited with attendees of a particular event.

When you create your poll, you can set any of these options to adjust visibility. After that, it can’t be changed. 

Duration of the Poll

There are 4 options to control the duration of your polls:

  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks

Insights of the Poll

When you create a poll, you can see who voted as well as how each participant voted. Other insights like the number of votes/options or final results in percentage format will be available for the creator.