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Top 5 Digital Marketing Books to Perk Up Your Knowledge

Online marketing is a dynamic space, and it is a field that constantly upgrades. The marketing professionals need to keep up with the latest trends, marketing policies, rules, and laws as well as business strategies. If you keep yourself up-to-date with the marketing trends and thriving strategy, then you can take your marketing career to the next level.  

The world’s best marketing experts are today offering their suggestions, experience, case studies, and tips to provide online marketers with a totally new perception of marketing. Now that 2019 has passed, there are frequent new case studies, and positive marketing experiences have emerged as the conclusion of the decade.

Many marketing authors have created online marketing books to heighten their skills and abilities. These books will help you understand why many startups failed in 2019 and how you can overcome such challenges.

In case you want to buff up your marketing knowledge, then we have short-listed 5 best digital marketing books for digital marketers in this article.

1. “Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation & Practice” by Dave Chaffey and Fiona Ellis

Dave is one of the popular authors that has created several books in the online marketing niche, be it E-advertisers Bundle, Digital Business, and E-Commerce Management, etc. He is a speaker of advertising at Canfield and Birmingham Universities. The other author, Fiona Ellis Chadwick is a speaker and BBC’s scholastic specialist. This book will offer you practical business illustrations, discussions, as well as contextual analysis that will help you get ready for further business challenges and to build a solid marketing planning.

2. “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk

The writer is one of the bestselling authors in the New York Times, and he also had been an initial investor for Tumblr, Uber, Twitter, and Venmo. Gary Vaynerchuk has also supported over 500 Fortune companies in developing social networking and digital marketing strategies.

This book introduces the art of charming the hearts of customers by heightening the capabilities of social media marketing. The author will tell you how some brands have ruined their online presence by generating low-quality content without even considering the social media channels.  

3. “Youtility” by Jay Baer     

The writer is the founder of Convert Blog and Convince as well as a crucial marketing lecturer. He is also an online marketing pioneer as well as a host of Social Post podcast. From 1994, he has done counseling for over 700 brands counting the Fortune 500 companies.

In the book Youtility, he has explained the in-depth study of hype marketing. It will allow you to make better decisions in the long run of your marketing career. Up your skills with the intense marketing knowledge and keep up with the rapidly changing world of the market.

4.  Lon Safko’s “The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, & Strategies for Business Success”

The author is the CEO of Innovative Thinking. This book highly recommended for the already experienced digital marketing specialists, strong organizations, and business ventures. It will give a totally new viewpoint for procedures, strategies, and data of online advertising, no matter paid or organic.

You will get detailed knowledge of various social platforms and strategies to cover them. Readers will learn the wise usage of social media tools, features, plug-ins, gadgets, and even mobile marketing.

5.” Epic Content Marketing” by Joe Pulizzi

The write is the owner at Content Marketing Institute and a keen content marketing enthusiast, podcaster, and strategist who also runs the content marketing show known as “Content Marketing World” in North America. He is also known as Content Marketing’s Godfather.

The book explains how to overcome marketing challenges that could potentially ruin your current business by offering shrewd marketing. It will be a source of valuable content for your business because it has more than 350 pages of constructive marketing insights.      


Whether you are a beginner, entrepreneur, or an experienced marketer, internet marketing books will help you to leverage your current stats of knowledge. These books are written by keen digital marketers who have faced dozens of challenges in their life. Their experience and expertise will make you an even more practical and sensible marketer.