Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2020: What They Tell Us?

Getting aware of a massive upcoming change can be challenging, and it is much similar to select the best wave to surf prior it is starting to form. Even the best trend-spotters have experienced a situation in which they say an iconic phrase, “I didn’t see that coming.”

These days, some trends become pretty apparent even though before arriving officially. Guessing the forthcoming trends in marketing can be the biggest challenge for today’s brands and businesses. This problem is not only experienced by the beginners, but many experienced marketers cannot judge the trends for even their own specific niche.

It is indeed important to know about the latest trends and also keep track of the upcoming ones in order to keep yourself on track. If you are looking for current marketing trends, then you have come to the right place. Here are the top 5 marketing trends in 2020:

Diamonds are forever

The diamond-jewelry trend has caught many in the U.S and China unexpectedly; furthermore, very few people were able to see it coming. According to a report, millenials and their Gen-Z descendant are quickly changing the way they make a purchase. Reportedly Millennials are still purchasing diamond products. To understand what actually happened in America and China, you may need to know that Millennials are responsible for the 60% upsurge of diamond demand in America and 80 % of demand in China.

Although the matter was related to the demand for diamonds among youngsters, it affects the whole market and customer behavior. The people who used to live a normal life are now willing to spend all their money on living luxuriously. It has also affected the other high-end experiences such as luxury hotels, dining, travel packages as well. Diamonds are the most-demanded luxury goods presently in America and China, and it has affected the market significantly.

Viral Videos

Another marketing trend that is banging the whole market is viral videos. Nowadays, people are smart enough to viral a video among thousands and millions of users within seconds.  

This means if you are a marketer, you have to work hard to get the attention of your customers. Here is good news; lots of customers, almost 70 percent are sharing brand’s videos on social media if they find it impressive enough to share with others. This means if you can create some striking videos for your brand’s promotion, then people will going to viral on the various social networks.  

Recently one of the BMW’s ads had gone insanely viral on social media, portraying a tribute to the Mercedes-Benz CEO’s retirement. We are not telling you to rent a BMW for creating an ad, but being more creative in creating marketing videos will certainly boost your online presence.  

The Upsurge of the Machine

The artificial intelligence is gradually taking over the marketing world. Machine Learning and AI are the terms that some marketers may lowball, but that can be the biggest mistake in their journey. According to research by PwC, AI can help in increasing the world’s GDP by 14% from now to 2023. So, it is a wise idea to invest and develop an AI-enabled platform for your business instead of running away from it.  

Nostalgic Marketing

Nostalgic Marketing is now becoming rapidly famous in the current market. If you remember the sci-fi based TV show known as “Stranger Things.” and the way it becomes popular, you’ll realize why it becomes a trend. The budding popularity of the TV shows, films, and music are mixed in Nostalgic, which has forced marketing to cultivate the Nostalgic even in the market. Millennials are the main demographic that loves nostalgic content, and stuffing it into marketing can help your business to entrench stronghold in the market.

Veganism Plants Develops in the Future

These days a very peculiar thing is happening around the world; most people are turning towards veganism. It is affecting the whole market as well as advertisement practices. Marketers are quickly adapting to this new user behavior, and now they are trying to pull the attention of this group. Again Millennials are in the majority who are turning into this new trend, and they are utterly avoiding carnivorous activities, diets, ads, and brands. 

Try to incorporate as many trends you find suitable and watch your business flourish throughout the web.