What Leadership Lessons Can We Learn From Covid-19

The current health outbreak is undoubtedly a bane, but even amidst the crisis we are actually learning several moral principals in our life. While making video calls with our family and pets in the background, concerning less about how we appear in the video calls and the background of our house- we are improving our encouragement for being genuine, trustworthy, originality, reliability, and relationships. The current time also makes us more careful about hygiene and being prepared for any mishaps.

It is apparent that these are similar aspects on which the investors use to rate the type of stocks outperforming the S&P 500 amidst the crisis. They have stock with high ESG ratings, such as for social, environment, and governance. Now, this connection is providing is essential information for what makes an exemplary leader.   

Corporations that have high ESG ratings with definitions have policies that contain: care for their workers, consumers, communities, and environment well-being. These high ESG qualified companies also include holding leaders responsible for the rigorous management systems.

Covid-19 has given us a lesson that to become a high ESG rating organization or leader; one needs to follow these aspects:

  • Creativity
  • Being proactive
  • Stopping crises and keeping them from getting inferior  
  • Building trust
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Listening and planning tactfully
  • Managing ambiguity
  • Teamwork
  • Relationship-building
  • Communicating
  • Focus on facts
  • More concerned for Responsibilities

The more trustworthy you get, the more people will provide you resources and solutions even during the difficulties. The more they feel you more transparent and reliable, the more they are likely to offer you great help and ideas.

Now here is a live example. The CIO of RegentAtlantic, Christopher Cordaro, said that organizations that display procedures and policies that they concern about their workers are more productive, more innovative as well as resourceful. 

These companies also have more productive teams, and their participation also goes all the way up even during crisis. In current situations, these kinds of companies are getting a surprising amount of support and love from their employees since they know that the organization cares about them, and they feel more like a family rather than just employees.  

Companies that have higher ESG ratings have arranged practical management plans and strategies for the periods of crises said, Cordaro. We can see how these plans that were kept under planning for years are helping the organizations, employees, and consumers.  

Several unprepared organizations that have never concerned about the potential threats and their employees are now completely out of the race. We have seen many organizations and brands that are destroyed after the impacts of Coronavirus on the economy. We also have seen how brands and corporations have managed to stand out and continue their business even during the difficulties because they were prepared for any upcoming potential danger.  

Now, if you are willing to start a new corporation or business in the near future, then you must follow all of the leadership lessons that Covid-19 has reminded us about. Be prepared and keep your clients and employees feel safe even during the global health issues. This requires great planning and relations with your customers as well as favorable policies. If you implement these lessons in your organisation and business policies, nothing can stop you from getting strong ESG ratings.