Why a Content Marketing Team Requires a Systems Mindset

The biggest mistake most content marketers make initially is to focus more on creating chunks of content without focusing on other more important things such as target audience research, customer issues or queries, and more.

The newbie or inexperienced content marketers always care for content creation, whereas experts always focus on other more essential things such as planning, in-depth audience research, and following the trend. However, most marketers are lean more towards the amount of content they can create.

They don’t consider the whole image of the content marketing world; rather, they focus on just one of its aspects, which is the designing of fresh content. It creates an endless cycle of creating irrelevant or and unnecessary content. Most of the time, they don’t see any good results as per the amount of time they put in.

Here are five primary content marketing systems that you need to streamline in your practices:

1. Thorough Research of Your Market

Customer surveys are the ideal way of researching what your customers are actually looking for these days in the market. Now ask yourself when last time your content marketing team took the surveys from customers or even talked to them about what they are facing or need?

Here’s how to refine your market research quickly:

  • Conducting email surveys to your customers regularly. 
  • Organizing video conference meetings with your customers.
  • Requesting case studies and testimonials.

You can prepare a calendar and schedule for these timely case studies and customer surveys to keep up with the updates of your customer’s interest. 

2. Planning Your Content

Most content marketers see it as the most challenging task. Most time, they get trapped in a place while planning content. They actually start their planning barely a day or two days before their content calendar.

That’s why they are mostly seen confused about what to post the next day.  Also, they put excessive strain on their brain to plan content or to visualize more ideas about their content. However, designing a system for your team that can allow teammates to study and analyze the market can help them get several ideas on what to post even weeks before the content calendar.

Also, make sure to start planning your content far before the content post dates occur to get the best topic for your next post. Don’t post content just for formality, but try to make the content as much engaging as you can make it.

3. Content Creation

Content creation is one of the most significant systems in the whole content marketing structure and no one can ignore it. However, marketers sometimes overkill this aspect without improving the quality. When you do plan your content in advance, the process of designing your content simplifies significantly.

4. Distribution of Your Ready Content

 You can also plan for how you will going to distribute your content once it is ready to post. When you delay in doing so, and your content is ready, you may choose the wrong way of distributing it. Sometimes marketers even share the content with = irrelevant audience because they don’t plan thoroughly. It is best to think and decide how you will distribute it in advance. Ask yourself, can I use promotion checklists, outreach templates, or social media calendars for my content distribution. 

5. Optimizing Content

When you design content days before posting it, you may need to update some information or repurpose it on the day of posting, and it’s called optimizing your content. You can even utilize system thinking for this too. Think about the things you need to change in your content after three weeks. This will help you optimize the content on the days of posting effortlessly.