Word of Mouth Marketing: What Is It and How It Benefits Your Business?

It is human nature to trust and prefer some knowledge you heard from your loved one or friend over any advertisers or brand. It is noticeable that approx 92 % of customers will trust a suggestion from family members or friends over any online or traditional marketing.  

This means if you are able to make people recommend your brand through their loved ones, then it will be more effective than any regular marketing strategy. This means your existing and familiar customers are the key to the growth of your business. Experienced ones often say that one happy customer brings another 100 interested consumers to you.   

In the present day, where most of the marketers are investing more in a fresh advertising audience, you can get surprising results by using your familiar audience or existing customers.

In this article, we are going to learn how to get the most out of your current customers.

Word of Mouth Advertising: What is it?

Word of mouth marketing is a procedure where a marketer tries to continually influence and appreciate organic conversion about a business, brand, or organization. In other words, we try to make a good pep talk about and then repeatedly encourage others to discuss it.

In marketing, it means seeking to start an unstoppable referral chain that creates constant traffic, leads as well as sales for a business or brand.  

How do I Create Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

The results once can get with the Words of Mouth Marketing cannot be achieved via cookies or leads generation strategies. It works far more effectively than the standard marketing methods and can generate a new chain of customers via your old ones.

Here is how to get started with a word of mouth marketing:

  • Make something extremely trendy or viral
  • Persuade the buzz

Implementing these things in real life can be challenging, but by understanding how other brands used the same strategy can help you make your own Word of mouth marketing plan. Here are some of the best illustrations of it:

TOMS: Make Organic Buzz by Doing Nobel Deeds

TOMS is a popular brand for shoes and footwear, and let’s learn what’s making them so special.

Whenever a customer buys a pair of shoes from the brand, they donate one pair of shoes to a kid in need of shoes. This appreciates their existing customers to buy stuff only from them. Moreover, their customers recommend the brand to their friends and loved ones. This works amazingly for them, and they are able to constantly outsell the competition without utilizing tons of time and money in marketing.  

Ask yourself how I can start doing something good in my business so that my customers can realize it and then encourage others?

Chipotle: Making WOM Excitement or Buzz via Storytelling

One of the best restaurants in the world, and they have done something impressive to implement the marketing method in their business. They became immensely popular for the fact that they only use locally sourced ingredients in their dishes.

This fact makes every new customer amazed at their service and quality of work. So they often end up recommending their friends and loved ones. Even without making many efforts in marketing, they find a way to put Word of Mouth Marketing into the work for their business.

 “Share a Coke with Friends”- Coca Cola (The Ultimate WOM)

 This is one of the most branded and trendy taglines that persuaded tons of existing customers to spread brand awareness by sharing a coke with their loved ones. It is the best example to understand how the Word of Mouth Marketing works.

You can utilize these examples to integrate the strategy with your business activities. 

Wrapping It Up The WOM marketing strategy is the best way to make the most use of your existing customers as well as the target audience. You can do an in-depth research about WOM advertisement examples to make one of your own.